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Guest Blog by J Schwanke - The Flower Expert!

Are you “Saying it with Flowers?”   Hey there! I’m J and they call me the “Flower Expert”! On ABC Television I’m known as the “Flower Guru” and I host the world’s first internet weekly web TV show about flower apply named “ Fun with Flowers with J ”.   My industry refers to me as “the Most Trusted Voice in the Flower Industry”.   :o) Monday Morning Flower’s Georgianne and I became fast friends at a seminar I was giving in Heightstown, NJ.   I love her energy and enthusiasm for helping her fans “say it with flowers” whether it’s for Valentine’s day, prom, happy weekend or BOY do I LOVE YOU!!! No matter how you break it down, I love everything about flowers.   Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING!!!) allows us to share our emotions better than flowers. It’s impossible to “RUIN” someone’s day with flowers although it is possible to select the wrong flower.   Consider the gentleman who sent his wife a cactus to repair their “prickly” relations…well, you get the idea. :o) The Societ

Living with Flowers

Last month I was given an assignment - show flowers in the home. Well, that's just perfect for me being I love taking photos and I love flowers. I was put to the task by a wonderful person at Society of American Florists, Jenny Scala who is the Director of Consumer Marketing. Seems that they were updating their blog site known as Flower Factor. Having fun with my new duty, I took home several floral arrangements made by our designer Rocio and went to work taking pictures. I especially loved this arrangement in a cube because even though the flowers are mostly common, it's just so sweet and vibrant. I also loved the ribbon treatment Rocio did, making the flowers look like a fresh, natural present. The perfect gift, don't you think? For floral inspiration, visit them at and be on the look out for more photos of flowers in my house!   To see more of our design work visit our website at and our wedding design

In the News!

Who doesn't like to see their name in print? Well, as long as it's not in the tabloids, I'm all for it! It's always a compliment to me and my business to have a publication interested enough in what we do to ask us about ourselves or how we conduct our business. Back in the old days, when I was voted "young careerist 1991" by a local women's business organization (how quaint was that), it was an amazing thing for me or my business to be highlighted in the local newspaper. My personal favorite was the 1992 edition of "Business for Central Jersey" who highlighted me as "Someone to Watch" that year. How relieved I was when the next year they followed up with me and I was still in business and not in jail! You may laugh but one of the people they followed was arrested for something bad and a couple had gone belly up! Wow!! I was doing ok, thank goodness. Every month or so, we do seem to be in this magazine or that paper and this month i

Putting Others Down to Pick Yourself Up? Not a good idea

My designer Gaby and I were talking the other day about the poor flower industry. Have you ever noticed how often other types of business's will put down flowers just to say that their product is better? Society of American Florist spends so much of their time letting other business's know that it's not cool to put us down to make their product look good. It's amazing how those that sell jewelry, candy, chocolates and goodness knows who else use flowers as a point of reference when saying their product is better. Yes, flowers you send today may be gone next month but is that what it's all about? What about the beauty of flowers or the way they can be personalized? What about how special they make people feel or how they physically brighten their mood? Does everything have to be about the long term? In a society of "let's collect as much stuff as possible" doesn't it make sense to bring a thing of beauty into your home that won't be collecting