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The World is a Mirror

Early this morning while I was stopping into my favorite bagel shop for my first cup of morning java I made an observation. Every morning when I go into this place of business, either by myself or with my husband, I always give a very enthusiastic "Morning" greeting to the wonderful staff behind the counter. I do it every day and I'd have to be having a really bad morning to not be bright and cheery about it. This morning I did my usual "Good Morning" and I received a very happy "Moooorrrning..... how are you today?". A little idle chit chat went back and forth "don't you love the weather, thank goodness the rain stopped", you know, the usual. Well, as I stirred my coffee and finished up my purchase another customer walked in and gave a very grumpy sounding "morning" to the staff and they gave her a half hearted "morning" back. Hm, I thought, what a difference in how they responded to me and to this other woman. That

Continuing Education...

A new hire that recently came on board got me to thinking about Continuing Education. In our industry our education comes in the form of floral design seminars, conferences and sometimes even floracultural schools such as community colleges. It even comes from keeping up with trends via magazines and websites. Some are floral and some are not. Inspiration can come from something as simple as a "Pottery Barn" catelog! Our industry is one that is always changing and evolving. What was "IN" last year might not fly today. Colors, styles and flowers used change with your clients desires. Did you know that floral trends usually follow home decor trends? Well, they do!! The colors that are popular for us to carpet our homes or paint our walls, also affect what types and colors of flowers we want to both send and receive. About a year ago I returned from a Floral Conference and was so inspired by many of the instructors but one in particular stood out to me. In addition

Calling all bosses....Time to thank your staff

Well, it's that time of year again where Assistants, Secretary's, Admins and Support Staff of all kinds will be expecting to be taken out to lunch or a delivery of a gorgeous flower bouquet! Administrative Professional Week is this week and the shop is a buzz with hundreds of deliveries go to all our local offices. Need to send flowers? Save 10% now with promotion code prof9 at

It's All in the Preparation....

As I sit here at my desk at just before 6 pm, waiting for my husband and driver to return from setting up a large floral event at the Hyatt in Princeton, I'm reading an online article from the Society of American Florist in their E-Brief. I love these e-mails that arrive every Wednesday with bits of new of the floral industry. The article I just read prompted me to think about what, if anything, sets a local florist apart from the local Supermarket. Aside from the fact that we usually offer delivery, which most markets don't, along with a wider range of "arranged" flower selections, we sometimes sell the exact same flower. People may ask why the flowers from the florist cost more than the Supermarket, and the truth is that it's about buying power, gross margins and acceptable spoilage. A local florist will buy far less than a Supermarket, thereby paying a higher price. They don't have the volume to make up for low margins. The Supermarket can also afford to

What is it that you do?

This seems like it would be an easy question to answer but sometimes it's not so straightforward! Today I had lunch with a dear friend (and business associate) along with a gentleman whom I'd never met. He is in a similar industry to mine my friend thought it might be nice for us to meet. Anyway, back to the topic of this blog - have you ever noticed when you ask someone, "What is it that you do?" it's funny how they take a deep breath and really have to give it some thought. Most of the time, 10 minutes later, you are listening intently but you are still not sure you understand how they make a living, right? That was me today. This gentleman's business seemed so confusing to me but I'm sure his customers know what he does or at least I hope so!! I believe that's because business today is so much more complicated than even 20 years ago. Remember back in the day when you needed meat you'd go to the Butcher? Or if you need a birthday cake you'd

Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

Last Sunday, in the sunshine (but with heavy winds) our staff participated in the PST Radio Easter Egg-Stravaganza at Mercer County Park and what fun it was. Our staff decorated the Bunny Lair for the big man himself and had a craft table set up for the children to spend time coloring. We also sold lots of mini plants to help people bring a little spring into their homes. The children were absolutely adorable as they concentrated hard on their coloring and proudly displayed their artwork. Over 2,500 people attended the event and a wonderful day was had by all! Thanks to our staff (Sheryl, David, Dianne, Heena and Kevin) for making is a huge success!

Times, They Sure Do Change.

My employee Sheryl just instant messaged me while I was upstairs working in my office to let me know that we have had many Internet orders come through today. It got me to thinking, first off, I have an office. That's a big change because up until 4 years ago I had a counter in the shop as my desk. I really love my office and I'm liking that change!! Second, she was instant messaging me. A mere 10 years ago I would have not even known what that was, let alone have computers both in the shop and up in the office to use in such a fashion . It's great because my staff down in the shop can send me a quick message, keeping me updated or asking me a question without tying up a phone line or costing me for the call. Loving that change also! Third, Internet marketing... who knew what that even was a few short years ago. Now it's one of the best ways for me to exchange information with my customer, keep them updated, alert them to specials and treat them to freebies. I've

Do What You Love and Success Will Follow

I know it's the American dream to own your own home but who out there doesn't sometimes long for the days of being a renter and making the landlord fix the furnace? Being a homeowner has lots of advantages but along come some definite disadvantages such as bills to pay that you did not expect, leaky faucets, a downturn in real estate prices, not to mention increases in property taxes!! Yikes! Have you ever met a business owner who seems frazzled, unhappy and worn out? I know I have and there are times when I can truly relate. Being self employed is no easy task and in many ways being an employee is similar to the renter and being the owner is similar to the homeowner. There are good things about being the King of your own Kingdom. Then there are times when you think it would be wonderful to be the Court Jester, right? What does this all boil down to? It boils down to love. The feeling that you can't live without it. That you must have it, control it, and make it complete

The Knot: Best of Weddings 2009

We are happy to announce that we have again been chosen as "Best of Weddings Florist" for The Knot 2009. We were chosen as an Editors Pick! Monday Morning Flowers - Princeton is 1 of only 19 florists chosen for their "Best Of" publication for the whole state of New Jersey. We are both honored and humbled to be so considered among the other very talented florists around the country. Getting married? We just might be a good florist to choose!!! :o)