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A Great Gift Idea for Those Who Don't Need Anything

Ho, ho, ho, tis the season to rack your brain dreaming  up gift ideas for those people in our lives that don't really need anything.  You might laugh at my Blog title but we all know a few folks like that. Enter the Gift Option of "Flower of the Month" !  While speaking to a customer the other day she mentioned that she thought it would be nice to send her mother flowers every month for 6 months as her Christmas present.  Back before our new website was designed we had a "Flower of the Month" club and so I was inspired to finally add this gift option back to our website in time for the Christmas holiday season.   Here is how it works; your choose how many month of flowers you would like to have sent (3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 12 months) and then we take care of the rest. Each month we will send a different seasonal arrangement for them to enjoy. Everyone loves flowers and so perhaps this just might be a great gift option for you Mother or Grandmother. Ha