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Philadelphia Flower Show 2012

Well, it's that time of year again - Time for the Philadelphia Flower Show! This year I did not act as a judge as I have in the past, but I was able to attend and take a look see with the hubby on Sunday. The theme this year is Hawaii and as you enter this magical place you are greeting by blue clear ocean above and white dendrobium orchid and anthurium flower waves crashing over head. What a wonderful way to start the show!  A close up below reveals how the white caps were created along with elegant and gracefully curved phaelanopsis orchid plants. Folks loved it!!    This exhibit was my personal favorite, created by Robertson's floral. On each side, representing the blue oceans with white cresting waves, were these blue water filled vessels and cut phael orchid sprays. In the center was a trip thru the mainland with it's tropical flowers and fauna and sandy beaches.  Everywhere you looked there were every type of tropical bloom and orchid imaginable!

Monday Morning Flowers Hit Princeton TV

 I'm certainly not single but it's been fun providing flowers for the Kari Adams show which recently went prime time on Princeton's TV30.  Tune in to see our flowers and  to hear all the hot topics about dating, relationships, social living, singlehood and lifestyle in the Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas. Kari isn't just the host of the show, she also  owns her own singles and matchmaking company, "Princeton Elite Club," where she's heard it all when it comes to dating and relationships! Have  any burning questions about dating, h ... ow to meet that someone special, or  relationships? Kari addresses myraid social topics asked by viewers in the "Ask Kari" segment of the show. Be sure to tune in to get up to speed  on all things dating! Thanks for the great photos Kari and so happy to be bringing a floral touch to your TV set!! To learn more about Kari and her matchmaking company, visit her website at <><> <>&

My Life is a Blog!!

I laugh at myself as I write that title but it's funny how every time I have a "grand" revelation (and I use that term loosely) I think - "Wow! I have to write a blog about that"! I'm sitting here wondering when did my life turn into a blog? And the bigger question is, does anyone care what I think? I'm not so sure but boy, I really do love putting down my thoughts knowing that someone just might read it. Last week, one of my employees commented on my writing because she really loves my blogs. She innocently asked me if I got good grades in school for my writing skills. I nearly laughed out loud but, of course, that would not be very Presidential of me. I very nicely told her no, I was never good at English or writing. I was completely honest and told her that I had to take Junior English twice, as I failed with a big fat F! I don't know the difference between a verb and a noun and thank goodness for spell check! I'm a florist for heaven sake,

Think Pink!

I don't know what it is about the color pink but it just never seems to go out of style when choosing a wedding flower color. A lush bouquet of ivory and pale pink roses is as timeless now as it was 10 years ago. Aged, ceramic urns filled with herbs and pink blooms make a perfect centerpiece for a wedding set in an old mansion. A simple wreath of cream hydrangea, pink roses and carnations and accents of moss look perfect at an outdoor terrace wedding. Pink roses everywhere speak of romance and elegance. Choose pink as your wedding color the options are endless. To see more, gorgeous pink arrangements visit our wedding website at

Is Valentine's Day Here Again?

You know how they say the older you get, the faster time seems so go? That is certainly true for me. I can't believe it's February already and it's another Valentine's Day holiday around the corner. As a florist, I have a love, hate relationship with this holiday but truthfully, it's more of a love these days, than a hate. Why you ask? It's because after so many years of coordinating the business during busy times, it seems like each year it gets a bit easier and easier. Remember that line from "You've Got Mail" where David Chapell's character tells Tom Hanks - "It's a well oiled machine my friend". That's the way I feel about my business. Each of us have become so good at what we do that each detail is carefully orchestrated and executed. A well oiled machine indeed!! I remember in years past going to bed at 3 or 4 am only to have to get up again at 5 or 6 to drive back to the shop. It's been years since we've even h

Scenes from a Flower Shop - Part 2

Well, I could not resist doing a "Scenes from our shop" Part 2. So many cute pictures to show! To the left is a shelf of all baby items, stuffed animals and cute novelty containers that hold pretty floral displays. To the right is a shelf themed for Valentine's Day. Satin ceramics and red glass vases, chocolates, love themed stuff animals make for fun shopping. Below is a picture of designer Rocio who is wrapping her creation for the trip in the delivery van. In cold weather flowers need extra attention to keep them from freezing! The photo to the right show Design Coordinator Dianne Legg putting the finishing touches on a wedding cake at the Nassau Inn. Simple touches of fresh flowers are a very popular way to dress up a simple wedding cake. Most people find it surprising when I tell them that we did exactly 100 wedding in 2008. Now, that's a lot of wedding flowers and many, many hours of meetings with brides! No wonder I'm tired! :o) To the left is a tin of

What is it Like at Monday Morning Flowers on a Monday?

"I've always wanted to work at a flower shop!!" We hear that so often we've probably lost count! But working at a flower shop can be a lot of fun so we could not agree more. How many jobs allow you to work with your hands, creating little objects of beauty that will bring smiles to the person who receive it? There are not many jobs like that! I thought it would be fun to whip out the camera and take a few shots of the staff in the midst of their day. As you can tell, it took a lot of coaxing to get them to pose - NOT!! Pictured above are Reina, Rocio, Dianne, Kristie, Tina, Heena and Yarrow.