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A Winter Wedding at the Somerset Palace

It might not be the most common time of year to have a wedding in New Jersey but we love working on Winter Weddings , like this one for Sri and Adrienne at the Palace of Somerset this past December. The theme was all about sparkle and glitter with snowflakes and touches of purple and lavender .  Above this mini hand tied bouquet was created for the bride to toss and decorated the cake table until it was needed.   The bridal bouquet was a combination of hydrangeas, stock and Picasso mini calla lilies that are white with purple centers.   Our lovely bride was very pleased with her bouquet.   It might not have snowed that weekend but it's certainly snowed a lot since then, making us dream of a future winter wedding in New Jersey! 

Are You Ready for Spring

Are you ready for Spring ? Here at the shop we certainly are! The best part about late February and Early March are all the spring floral arrivals ~ it's at this time of year that the Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths are available again. Not only are these flowers gorgeous to look at but they small amazing.  After the winter we have had, we certainly deserve to bring a little cheer into our lives and don't forget, having flowers in your home or office lifts your mood. We're not making that up, studies show that when we live with flowers we feel better and are happier.   Don't forget to spread a bit of cheer to those having birthday's or who are ill. Flowers make a great gift and our designers do a fabulous job creating one of a kind floral designs. 

Yellow Bee Honey

We may be a florist shop but we sell lots of other items, especially things that make great gifts and one of them is locally harvested honey from Yellow Bee Honey of Lawrenceville. Show below with our tea related items such as tea cups, tea pots and tea steeps. These are 8 oz in squeezable bottles.   We also have wonderfully fragrant Honey scented candles from Aunt Sadie's Candle Company of Vermont. These are paired with the more vintage looking bottles of Yellow Bee Honey.  We also sell many of these bottles in our Fruit and Gourmet Food baskets , which make a great gift for just about any occasion.  When reordering plush animals and bears we couldn't resist these adorable little guys complete with their own honey pots!  Add a spring flower arrangement and that is sure to brighten up anyone's day!  Do you know someone who loves honey? Then we have some great gift ideas for you! To see all our new arrivals, be sure to visit our Facebook Page often! 

Today's $5 Friday Flower Bouquets

We are so ready for spring and we know you are too, which is why today's $5 Friday Flowers are brightly colored Spring Bouquets . Each bouquet is unique and extremely vibrant, fresh and long lasting. Why not pick up one up today? Sorry, no delivery, walk in and walk out only!  Why not check out our Facebook Page to see all the new products in our stores for Spring.

New Gift Arrivals for Spring

It's always fun sharing our new gift arrivals on our blog. Look at these adorable items that we just displayed in our Princeton Florist Shop in Forrestal Village.  Pretty pillows with fun sayings and vintage feel.   Picture frames, adorable sayings and hanging signs. Super affordable and make great gifts.   Do you love everything about coffee? So do we. These tea light holders have fun sayings such as "With Enough Coffee, Anything is Possible".   This fun sign is perfect for a kitchen or breakfast nook.   These jumbo mugs hold lots and lots of coffee.   Inspiration and Coffee ~ perfect together.   Who doesn't love an Albert Einstein quote right? Stop into our store to see these and many other new arrivals! 

Today's FreshTen Bouquet - sunflowers and roses

I think we all need a little sun today right! While driving in to work, the temps were hovering about 5 degrees so today's FreshTen bouquet is the perfect way to warm up your home or office. Priced at only $10, this is not only a great flower deal but should give you the warm and fuzzies all week long.  Yellow roses and light sunflowers with sunny bright yellow centers! 

Adorable Little Faces

When I was a little girl, I was so in love with all my stuffed animals. At night I used to pile them all in the bed with me because I didn't want any of them to feel sad or alone. Flash forward over 40 years and I'm still a sucker for their cute little smiles. Being the buyer for the shop can be hard when these soft, adorable faces look back at me. I want to buy them all!  Red and white teddy bears are a staple during Valentine's Day.   Love the curly hair and gingham bows on these adorable bears.   Soft pastel colored bears with little black noses are cuddly soft.   This beige bear is super fluffy with button eyes and a big red nose.   Love the striped bow on this soft and cuddly blue, purple and pink bear.   We have more than just bears, like this adorable Puppy Dog. Well, I may be all grown up but I still love those cuddly plush. How lucky am I that I get to surround myself with them at the shop too?

Caring for Cut Roses

Caring for Cut Roses Follow these simple steps to get the maximum vase life and enjoyment from your fresh cut roses: Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Whether you receive cut roses from us or buy them yourself, get them into water as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have time to arrange them in the desired vase right away, it's important to place them into some water source until you can get to them. Use warm water.  Prepare the vase first by cleaning it thoroughly. Then, fill it ¾ full with lukewarm water. Warm water can be absorbed by the flower with greater ease than cold water, allowing the water and nutrients to travel up to the bloom as quickly as possible.  Eliminate sources of bacteria in the water.  Before placing the flowers into the water, remove any foliage that would fall below the water line.  Foliage in the water causes bacteria to grow which will shorten the vase life of the flower. How

What's New in the Shop ~ Valentine's Day and Beyond

If you've been in our shop over the last year or so, we may have noticed that we've really expanded our product lines. In addition the usual Flower Shop items we have expanded into new home decor and fashion lines including scarves, like this one shown below. Recently we brought in a wide selection of late winter and Spring scarves in all colors of the rainbow. I think this black and red scarf below would make an adorable gift for Valentine's day, right?  Another line we recently added was some items from Primal Elements, which include these perfume rollettes. These are compact enough to store in your handbag and dab when you are on the go will have you smelling delightful in no time!  In 2014 we added Moonstruck Chocolates to our gourmet line and this week we added these amazing chocolate Barks. This bar has Rasberries and Fennel Sugar and looks like a work of art!   We did so well with our red rose light up pens that we just brought in a line of spring col

5 Valentine's Day Questions Answered!

•Do the roses I give on Valentine's Day have to be Red? NO! People love receiving roses in other colors such as peach, pink, yellow and lavender. You don't even have to send Roses. Mixed spring bouquets are the next most popular choice to send on Valentine's Day from our shop. •Does my flower gift have to be a huge bouquet of flowers and cost a lot?  Of course not! A single bloom you picked out by hand at your local florist will mean just as much as a whole dozen of roses . Your flower purchase should be relative to what you feel is comfortable for you to spend. There are many options to choose from. Save some real dough by checking out our promotion codes at the bottom of this e-mail! •Why do red flowers seem to cost more during the holiday? Simple supply and demand. Not enough supply and high demand.Go with the crowd and send red flowers or stand out by being creative and most likely, you'll save some money. •What are some other great gift ideas