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Is it me or is the rest of the world crazy?

Honestly, I flip back and forth on my opinion on this matter. Somedays I think it’s me, I’m nuts, something is seriously wrong with me and other days, I look at others around me and I wonder how they function. I guess the truth lies somewhere in between. I was writing a job description for a new position at my shop yesterday and one of the concepts I wanted prospective employees to know about my company is that we have a “Think of it Today, Implement it Tomorrow” attitude. I’m thinking that this line really says it all about how I operate and how I expect my operation to run. Think of a great concept and act on it. No over thinking, no waiting, just do it. I’m the queen of just do it. Hear about a great marketing idea, well…no waiting, act on it, do it. Notice that something is dirty, well, no waiting, clean it. That’s me, that’s inside my head and so that’s what I do. I react to things around me, always seeing a better way or something that needs to be done. A good thing? I’ve always

Monday Morning Flowers Featured as a Case Study

The publishers of "How to Open and Operate a Successful Florist and Floral Business Both Online and Off" have included our shop in their latest edition. A case study that includes both my personal background and my shop history are predominately featured. I am really honored to have been asked to participate! I've always had a great love of both the creative and business side of running a flower shop and being interviewed for this book allowed me to show both sides. It's always fun to talk about my business from a positve as well as realistic point of view. Self-employment can be very rewarding but many people considering starting their own business are not always prepared for the amount of time, money and dedication needed to succeed. For anyone out there interested in the Floral Field, the book is chock full of wonderful information and can be found on-line at and at many other book sellers.