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Funky Boutonniere

Don't you just love the texture of this boutonniere that we made for a wedding last summer? A single peacock feather, a white daisy and a single tiny craspedia ball, combine to make a very unique boutonniere for the groom. Peacock feathers are still quite popular in our wedding and party designs. This wedding took place at Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, a place known for it's natural setting and herd of lovely peacocks! The bride carried white gerber daisies dotted with the yellow craspedia and was a perfect compliment to this funky peacock feather boutonniere! Have you seen our other famous Peacock feather bouquets? Check out our blog written about it here !

How to Put on a Boutonniere

Ever get stressed out about how to attach a boutonniere ? There's no need being help is on the way and it really isn't that difficult. First, you'll notice that it usually comes with 2 small pins. If your florist only gives you one, ask for another to really make it secure. The flowers should always be facing up. An easy way to remember is that flowers always grow up and so the flowers should point up too!  Next, place the boutonniere on the left lapel. Look for the button hole to use as a guide. Most suits will have them and this is a good way to remember which side it should be placed on. If it looks nice while you are holding it, keep that location by firmly holding the boutonniere to that part of the lapel.  While still holding the flowers, grab the lapel and flip it over. Using the first pin, pin through the lapel, then the stem and then back out the lapel. You are basically making an X with your pins. In this case, I have started at the bottom right and gon

Will You Wear a Flower?

Oh No! In the past few weeks I have met with two brides that said that their fiances don't want to wear a flower to their own wedding! I'd be lying if I did not admit that part of me said "Oh thank goodness" because as any florist will tell you, boutonnieres and corsages are very time consuming to create because they are hand crafted. But that other part of my brain - the part that is a girl, says no flower on your wedding day? How could this be? I know that weddings have gotten a bit less traditional  and sometimes a bit more casual but to not wear a flowers on that special day. As in the picture in this blog, I  thought groom David looked smashing in his mini calla boutonniere. If you are a bride getting married how do you feel about this trend? If your groom said no flower for him, would you be upset or are you fine with it? If the groom and groomsmen are not going to  wear a flower, do you want your dad to also not wear one? I'd love to hear your thought

Flowers for Men

Brides sometimes ask if the men in the wedding party have to wear flowers and I tell them, not if they don't want to. Personally I think there are few times in life to get dressed up and wear a flower so why not have fun with it. A rose boutonniere is always classic but why not do something a bit funky or fun. This handsome groomsmen (yes, he is handsome, even though I have cut off his face for this blog, sorry James) wore this blue thistle on his lapel and I think it looked spashing! Created for the wedding of Tammy and Mike (our past employee) this past February, the blue thistle was used in most of the flower arrangements including the bouquets and centerpieces. I liked the use of thistle for the men because it helped to carry the natural, artsie feel of the flowers right through the whole wedding. Do the boys have to wear flowers? Not really but oh my, it can be fun!!