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Scenes from the Shop in Early July!

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer . The weather has been touch and go but the pace here at the shop has slowed down and now begins the work of cleaning, organizing and planning for the fall. Look for our listing of in store Design Workshops for the holiday seasons ahead being kicked off by our Christmas in July event on July 31st. More information on that later in the month! For now, the shop is full of gorgeous flowers and fun new gift items so I thought I'd share! Happy 21st! We've had wine glasses for ladies now we have beer glasses for the guys!   Ballet items sell all year round for us (must be because of the ballet studio here in the Village) so we've done a little Ballet themed display of figurines, bears, jewelry, mugs and frames!   We love lace flower and this Green Mist is especially gorgeous this week!   It's all about angels and girlie gift with fresh smelling candles from Aunt Sadies, teapots and cups and adorable signs for the ho

Five Dollar Friday

Did you know that every Friday we have a $5.00 flower special? Each Friday morning we decide as a team what we want to offer and then we post it on our facebook page at and . What makes it special is the price! At a retail value of usually $10 to $25, the $5 price tag gives our customers an affordable way to have flowers in their home every week. Feel free to call ahead to reserve your bouquet or just to find out what flowers are being offered! We'd love to see you this or any other Friday. 111 Main Street, Princeton Forrestal Village (just up from the Westin Hotel) and 45 E. Afton Ave, Yardley, PA.

Pink Roses

It's funny how often I get asked what my favorite flower is. I wonder if people ask the pizza maker what his favorite pie is. Anyway, roses, roses and more roses. I love roses. I love everything about them. This picture taken at Longwood Gardens on Christmas Day by yours truly shows my fascination with this perfect flower. This bud is just a day or so away from blooming fully and although I generally am not fond of roses that are still buds, this one just spoke to me and forced me to take a photo of it. I wonder if it was mocking me for all the times I've told brides that roses are most beautiful when they are they are fully bloomed. I stand corrected, roses are beautiful at every stage!!

Working in the flower shop

The cooler , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Have you ever said - "I'd love to work in a flower shop"? I'll bet at one time or the other you have because why wouldn't you? It smells nice, we are surrounded by flowers and we make people happy. Mother's day is awesome for us florists because we help all of you say thank you to your moms. Colorful flowers in pinks and lavenders, helium filled balloons, yummy chocolates and pretty blooming plants just flew out of the shop this week. Each were hand delivered to happy mothers with special messages of thanks, love and adoration. Want proof? Well, here was our cooler one night at closing. Each day our cooler filled up like this and each morning as the drivers filed in, the cooler was emptied out. Thank you to our customers who have made our 22nd Mother's Day such a success. We sincerely hope we brought a smile to many faces this holiday!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Wondering what to get mom for her big day? Of course, every woman loves flowers - tulips, roses, daisies, lilies and gerber daisies are fun to receive at work or home. What about sending a goodie basket with fun shaped cookies and chocolates? Another option might be a fun balloon bouquet of all brightly colored latex with a few "Happy Mother's Day Mylars". Add a cuddly stuffed animal for something fun or even a small blooming plant to brighten her environment. Put your message on a full size greeting card and make the gift even more memorable. To see our full selection of Mother's Day gifts visit us online at and use promotion code SPG2 to save $10!

Color or No Color, that is the question

As, I am fond of saying - It's a matter of personal preference as to whether you will infuse color into your event or not. This above picture is from a wedding we did for our bride Jen. Silver revere bowls filled lushly with cream hydrangea and ivory roses. When the lights come down, these are bound to look spectacular! Cream colored linens are the perfect back drop to the silver tones of the base and are carried into the silver cane of the chairs. Simple and elegant, this direction is always classic. Spring flowers in various shades of blue and purple are accented with soft foliage styled in a white ceramic footed compote.  A pop of color on the ivory cloth gives a gentle yet sutble look. Because the compote blends with the table linens the container is less noticeable. Here's the same white compote filled with deeper tones on a deep blue table cloth. What a difference, right? This time the container pops out and becomes more noticed. These pretty floral centerpieces sit hi