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Red and Ravishing

 A red bridal bouquet is not for everyone but if you want to go bold, this just might be the wedding color for you! This bouquet made for our bride Alex yesterday was both striking and dramatic. Red roses in 2 shades and red mini callas accented with green hypericum berries was a sight to be hold!!  Here I am doing a bit of modeling with this striking  bouquet. Honestly the photos don't really do the color and texture justice!! What is nice about a deep, rich color like red is that in bright sunlight the color stays very true. A great thing on a sunny summer day in July! We can't wait to see Alex's pictures, can you? Each week when the wedding flowers arrive we hold our breath until we see them. In this weeks case, the flowers were spectacular and each variety chosen really complimented each other (I will pat myself on the back for that one). I rarely interject my personal tastes but when I do, I've been know to say that red is not one of my favorite colors

Having a Back Up Plan

Outdoor wedding? Great but you have to have a back up plan. In the case of today's wedding for Nicole and Josh, we had just that. What I love about weddings is that you never know what to expect. Each one is different and the challenge is to make it all happen. Unfortunately, today it drizzled and rained and after a long night of down pours, the outdoor setting at the Hilton Gardens was not to be. Never fear, the flexible florist is here! What I love about flowers on the chairs and rose petals on the ground is no matter where the wedding is, it works. Now in the case of Nicole's wedding, we were to decorate (using quite a bit of flowers and fabric) her dream gazebo but with not a gazebo in site, we quickly put up our own archway (not shown in this photo) and proceeded to decorate that. It's not really what the bride wanted but it was the next best thing. All I can say is, if you are planning your wedding for outside, you gotta have a back up plan!! To see more of ou

The Color Red!

I've always said I'm not much for the color red. I don't drive a red car, I don't wear red lipstick, I don't have a red couch but I have to say when it comes to dramatic wedding colors - red really delivers! What's more striking and romantic than an all red bridal bouquet? If you are trying to be soft and romantic, red is not the color for you but if you want to scream, look at me, red really makes the point. This bouquet was one of my favorite red bouquets that we have done over the last few months. Berries, velvety roses, mini callas, sweetheart roses and scabiosa pods really give both drama and texture. A small red rose accented with other elements from the wedding compliment this grooms rich red tie. A pop of color is always wonderful on a black tux but few colors have the drama of red! These red and cream floral displays create a gorgeous back drop to this huge mirror at the Nassau Inn. This New Years eve wedding decor really complimented what was go