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Black and Blue Boring?

New footnote on this blog - 2012: Wow! What a response we had from all over the country with this blue orchid corsage. Please just keep in mind that our corsages are not available outside our New Jersey and Pennsylvania delivery area. If you like this corsage and would like it created feel free to share this photo with your local florist. Now back to the originial blog post from 5/18/2011: We say no way!! Who says flowers for Prom have to be boring - well not us. This blue orchid corsage was created by our very talented designer Sheryl. Going to prom soon? Why not hint to your date that you'd like your flowers to come from Monday Morning Flowers!!


Don't you just love Hydrangeas? I know I do. As soon as I meet with a bride and she mentions blues or purples, these gorgeous flowers pop right to mind. Full and lush, they make gorgeous bouquets, centerpieces and look lovely tied to the end of a pew with a simple fabric ribbon. This photo taken at Longwood Gardens just this past week (by yours truly, of course) really shows not only the depth of color but also the variety of color from bloom to bloom. As shown here, these are all mostly on the same plant of the same variety. If you are looking for a perfect match and to have the blossoms all the exact same shade, hydrangeas might not be for you. I personally think that the randomness of the color is exactly what makes these flowers so gorgeous. Haven't considered hydrangea for your wedding? Perhaps I have changed your mind? :o)

Show Your Stuff!

I love this shot of our bride Caroline from her August wedding as she struts along the streets of Princeton University's campus. Boy, things have changed in the world of wedding photography. Back in my day, you just stood there and hopefully looked good! We especially loved creating her brides maids bouquets of all hydrangea. They contained three different shades - green, light blue and then medium blue. Tied with a simple ribbon, they really complimented their blue dresses. Caroline's bouquet was created using flowers of different sizes and shapes from white, to pale blue with accents of sapphire. Blue has been a popular color for 2010 and I predict that trend will continue right on into 2011. That sounds good to me being blue is actually my favorite color! To see more of our wedding designs visit our website (and you'll see it's very blue) at