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Funky Peacock Feather Bouquet

Yes, the funky peacock feather bouquet was ours! I write that line a bit tongue in cheek because one of our bouquets has become famous and known as the "Funky Peacock Feather" bouquet. I posted a photo almost 3 years ago onto my Flickr account and did not watermark or protect it in any way. Almost 10,000 views later that bouquet seemed to have caused the most buzz. I've seen it used so many times (mostly without credit to our shop - no worries, I'm not angry about that) in blogs and online. I thought it would be fun to show some of the other photos from that wedding. I often get asked if we really did that bouquet. Yes and here's the proof! The bride was Stephanie and the photographer was Jeff Tisman and the bride came to me very close to her October wedding date. Why? Because she was afraid that the florist would talk her out of using peacock feathers in her wedding. That was before she knew me and found out how much I love doing, not only what the bride wants

Elegant Feathers

Ok, it's a "had to share" moment. I love, love, love this bouquet that we have created for our bride Katie who is getting tomorrow! All white mini callas accented between with simple, cool white feathers. How sophisticated and striking with a slightly "Art Deco" feel. I'm truly loving it! I can imagine the guests faces when they see her enter the gardens at Prospect House on the campus of Princeton University. As she passes, they will be dazzled with a view her feathered headpiece. To be clear this is not for the our bride Katie getting married on Sunday! I'm giggling as I write this because I can picture Katie number 2's face drop if she reads this and thinks "where is my bouquet of creams and pinks of roses and orchids"! Ah, I love the summer wedding season.....