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Succulent Plant Care

Succulent Care  Succulents are fleshy plants, adapted for storing water in times of drought. We carry them at the shop and they make great gifts because of their beautiful presentation and easy maintenance.  They have been very popular for a while, so I thought I would share some care tips. Most succulents like bright indirect light, but not all can tolerate full sun for lengthy periods of time.  During the growing season from Spring to Fall water once a week, making sure the soil is soaked though and then left to drain. During the winter, watering can be adjusted to every other week unless plant is near heat source, use your judgment. Rain water or distilled is preferable to tap, as tap water can be very alkaline. If re potting use soil that has very good drainage.            We carry a "Zen Succulent Garden"  that is the perfect gift for home or office. That's all for today!  :)