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Nicole and Bryan's Wedding at the Cranbury Inn

Nicole's Wedding Cranbury Inn , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Purple it is! It was so much fun working on Nicole and Bryan's wedding at the Cranbury Inn. The iris was a large part of the wedding decor, as it the Tennessee State Flowers, where Bryan grew up. What I loved about this wedding was that we took the color theme through all the elements of the wedding from the bouquets and ceremony all the way to the centerpieces. We highlighted the elegant iris to their full potential by showcasing them instead of burying them away. Adding accents of yellow in the centerpieces helped to bring out the center of the iris and giving depth by using both light and dark colored iris, also made sure that no one forgot how important iris's are to this couple! Enjoy the video and let me know if you like it!

What's the Theme? Iris!

Iris and hydrangea Place Card Table , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . We created this arrangement for wedding of Bryan and Nicole at the Cranbury Inn yesterday. Usually I don't like using iris in wedding arrangement, mostly because they can be a difficult flower to work with. In this case, iris were the main theme and all the other floral elements used were meant to compliment this gorgeous bloom. One of my favorite pieces to design for any wedding is the escort card table, especially because we can make them a bit more grand and the couple are usually able to dedicate a few extra dollars to these displays. Setting the tone for the rest of the wedding decor, this piece greeted guests as they arrived for the ceremony at the Inn. Lavender hydrangea complimented with sweet geranium foliage created the base for lots and lots of deep purple iris.

Purple is in!

julie and her girls , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Purple, purple and more purple! It's in and it's hot. This past week was a holiday here at the shop and the lavender cubes and purple vases flew off the shelf. Meeting with brides for late summer and early fall weddings, they are still loving all shades of purple from lavender right on into the deeper tones of lapis. This photo (take by photographer Jeff Tisman) of our bride Julie and her brides maids really shows how nice it is to compliment the deep quartz purple dresses with shades of lavender. Hydangrea, roses, stock, lisianthus, liatris, snapdragons, larkspur and hydrangea along with accent flowers such as statice, limonium and all forms of aster are all wonderful choices when choosing this color palate. What I love about purple is use in the summer with a pop of lime green and it looks so fresh and summeray but use it in fall, it looks rich and elegant. Purple really is a color that c

The Color Purple!

Ok, now how fun is purple? It's not for everyone and most people you ask will tell you they either love purple or hate it but no one can say that it does not make a strong statement. I remember thinking how daring my sister in law was being when she picked purple as her wedding color over 15 years ago!! Love it or hate it you have to give the color purple it's due. It's dramatic!! These bouquets were created for our bride Julie's brides maids. Deep purple lisianthus, along with purple hydrangea and roses were slightly accented with lime green berries!   This bouquet was created for our bride Andria and was quite striking for her wedding ceremony at Grounds for Sculpture. There was no way this bouquet did not stand out among the garden setting! This hand tied bouquet of purple and cream colored roses along with blue hydrangea was simple and sweet for this brides outdoor ceremony. The collar of variegated greens softened the look and gave them that "fresh picked"