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Ho, Ho, Ho or Ha, Ha, Ha

Well, the big event at Forrestal Village is happening as I write this.!! There's nothing like Florists dressed up like little Elfs. Our very own Sheryl and Yarrow pose with some small guests who stopped by for some free balloons. Designer Dianne makes some last minute floral arrangements for delivery tomorrow. Doesn't the hat look fabulous? Thank goodness I'm on this side of the camera! The weather is really cooperating, it cold but clear and the horse-hayride has throngs of people lining up outside our shop. Hot cider and hot chocolate along with visits with Santa and an excerpt from the Nutcracker Ballet make for a fun filled day for the kids. Free wine at our flower shop, make for fun for adults!! Before I sign off, let me just remind everyone to stop and smell the flowers and don't forget to be kind. The holidays can be stressful but remember to slow down, enjoy the moment and be respectful of those around you. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!! http://www.

Thanksgiving Savings!!

Don't know what to send for Thanksgiving? Check out our selections at ! Don't want to send flowers? How about a pretty mum plant or dish garden. Plants always make a nice gift and help to bring the outdoors in. What about sending a snack basket? Goodie Baskets are perfect gifts for those who eat out for the holiday (no left overs, oh no) or have small children in the house. Whether you shop us online or phone, receive 10% off by using promotion code NOVEMBER. Shop us online or call us at 215-493-1400 or 609-520-2005. Let us help you send them a smile!! Our sincerest wishes for a warm, healthy, happy thanksgiving from all of us at Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co.!

Family Time and the Holidays

Family Time. What is that exactly? I know most people think in terms of mothers spending time with daughters, fathers with sons, brothers and sisters getting together, the whole shebang but to me Family Time means spending time with people who are important to me. You hear a lot about Family Time during the holidays and those of us with shrinking or small families, it can make us feel a bit like an orphan. Anyone who has read my past blogs knows that I find most holidays to be stressful and sad. I've tried to figure out why that is and I guess it comes down to the fact that a lot of the people in my life that were important to me are no longer living but it's more than that. With down time so hard to come by combined with proximity being an issue, it seems like it gets harder and harder to spend time with the people that I care about. Then comes the pressure of trying to find time to see all these important people during the holidays, it's enough to make any florist weep.

Customer Appreciation Night!

Thanks to those of you who ventured out on one of the coldest days of the year so far! A great time was had by all. Special thanks go out to Dave Hoeffel of Sound Choice DJ's who graciously supplied the music and MC duties. Another special thanks go out to all my employees who each made a wonderful dish to be enjoyed by the attendees. Dena's Buffalo Chicken Dip and Heena's Kati rolls were so popular that they spent much time giving away their recipes. I must say that my chocolate fountain and fantastic dipping items were also a bit hit with the attendees. It was wonderful to be able to show our customers around, introduce them to the staff whom they speak to often on the phone but have never met. I'm just sorry that it took 20 years in business to make an event like this a reality. Another special thank you go out to Valentino's Italian Restaurant, Teriaki Boy and Tre Piani Restaurant for helping to cater the event. These wonderful food establishments are also loca

It's Official...

Ok, so it absolutely has nothing to do with my business or flowers in anyway but I went to my first NFL football game yesterday. Go Giants! Why is this so monumental? Well, in case you don't know me well enough, I'm a workaholic. Ok, I said it. I, Georgianne work too much. In an attempt to go out and have some fun, I went to a football game. My brother called mid week and offered up his two season tickets because he could not go. My husband looked at me eagerly and at first I responded, "why don't you go with your brother or my cousin" but then I saw the look on his face. He wanted to go with me. Will wonders never cease? He wanted to spend the day with me at a football game and dagnabit, I was going. As I walked through the parking lot looking at all those people tailgating and even those RV's painted in blue with the Giants logos splashed across them, I wondered how strange this all was. They seemed to be having fun and this was completely social, no wor

Customer Appreciation...

Hey, anyone out there that is nearby to our shop in Prinecton Forrestal Village, feel free to swing by and visit us during our Customer Appreciation Event. It will be held on November 18th from 6 - 9 pm at the shop. There will be food, drinks, give aways and music. Come on by and tour our production space, smell the flowers and meet the staff. Hope to see you there!

Monday Morning Flowers and Sending Smiles

Lots of people ask me the same question when they first meet me and find out the name of my business. That question is "where did the name Monday Morning Flower and Balloon come from". Well, I don't blame them, even I know it's sort of a strange name, a catchy one but a bit unusual for a flower shop. Ok , so here goes, this is where the name came from. I was working another business (Mrs. V's Cleaning Service) and I was beginning to realize that cleaning houses was pretty hard work. I was feeling like I needed more of a challenge so I thought starting another business might be a good idea. I went to the bookstore and found a book of "easy to start" businesses and in there I found one called "Monday Morning Flower Shop". The idea of this business would be to offer delivery of flowers to corporate offices for their lobby on Mondays. So that is exactly what I did and being the creative person that I am, I just used that name. Monday Morning Flow

Halloween Fun

I know Halloween is over but I had to share. We had our annual Halloween Costume contest at the shop and once again I was amazed by the creativity of my staff. Not only did many of them create fun costumes but a special kudos goes out to David, Sheryl and Kyle who went out and delivered (set up a wedding, in fact) fully dressed!! Too funny!! Pictured here is David (as a Stock Broker - notice the Plan B noose around his neck), Kevin the Beer Can, Heena the magician, Dianne the scary pirate, Yarrow and Dena the fallen angels, Sheryl the Vampira and Kyle the scary Jester (and no he did not deliver wearing that mask, that would be crazy). Funniest costume went to David, most creative was shared by Yarrow and Sheryl and the most like the person prize went to Kyle. Kyle, no offense, you are not scary but you are funny and so to us you are our lovable court jester! This year we also tried to spread some Halloween cheer to some local nursing homes. Our staff made and delivered some cute m

Is it me or is the rest of the world crazy?

Honestly, I flip back and forth on my opinion on this matter. Somedays I think it’s me, I’m nuts, something is seriously wrong with me and other days, I look at others around me and I wonder how they function. I guess the truth lies somewhere in between. I was writing a job description for a new position at my shop yesterday and one of the concepts I wanted prospective employees to know about my company is that we have a “Think of it Today, Implement it Tomorrow” attitude. I’m thinking that this line really says it all about how I operate and how I expect my operation to run. Think of a great concept and act on it. No over thinking, no waiting, just do it. I’m the queen of just do it. Hear about a great marketing idea, well…no waiting, act on it, do it. Notice that something is dirty, well, no waiting, clean it. That’s me, that’s inside my head and so that’s what I do. I react to things around me, always seeing a better way or something that needs to be done. A good thing? I’ve always