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Coral and Peach Wedding for late September

This past weekend was a whirl wind of party activity include 4 weddings but I have to admit that my favorite color theme of the weekend was this peach and coral themed wedding for Bride Kristen. Using green  hydrangeas, peach berries and garden roses, coral Amsterdam roses and accents of navy blue Viburnum berries really made for striking bouquets. The girls dresses were navy so I'm hoping that Kristen shares photos because I can only imagine how these looked when the brides maids carried them.   Not only is the color amazing but the texture was awesome on these bouquets also. We were not sure until the last minute that we could get the viburnum berries and had a back up plan of deep blue delphinium, just in case. The berries were so different than what we usually do that it was a nice change for us as well. By the time the wedding went from bouquets to centerpieces , the centerpieces were much more muted at the brides request with three different styles of centerpieces in
Have you heard about the Loyalty Program at Monday Morning Flowers ?  Stop in to either of our Princeton or Yardley locations to sign up and be part of the loyalty program that gives you special perks and rewards from us! How it works:  Once you sign up, we will record every take out, in-store purchase you make.  After 6 purchases, we add up all of the dollars you have spent and give you 20% of the total off your next purchase!   You can use your store credit towards any in store purchases, local or out of town deliveries, or even event or party décor.  We offer great rewards for our Loyalty Members and the perks keep growing!  Receive birthday discounts, special offers for in-store events, and private events for meeting other locals and enjoying a night out.  It doesn’t stop there- stay in the loop with our e-mail newsletter and find out early about sales and discounts. Stop in to either store today and join the Monday Morning Flowers Loyalty Program!

Meet Driver Jeff, or is that Designer Jeff?

Have you met Jeff here at Monday Morning Flowers ? If you stop in our Yardley store on a Wednesday or a Friday you may have met him. If you have had us create your wedding flowers, he may have delivered your Bridal Bouquets or helped set up your wedding reception. Needed an balloon arch built for your walk-a-thon (at 7 am) that may have been Jeff.  If you have ever received a floral gift to your home or office, that may have been delivered by Jeff and he may have designed it. What you may not know is that Jeff also helps me with all my "graphic" needs, such as the funky and cool graphics below. If you have seen our new brochure, that too was designed by this hard working, soft spoken guy.  So what Title does Jeff hold here at Monday Morning Flowers ? Well, just like me, he wears many hats and to us he's just good ol' Jeff ~ Driver, Sales Associate,  Balloon  Inflator, Floral Designer and Graphic Artist. Besides, who needs a title anyway when you get to surround yo

Another Busy Weekend at the Flower Shop

First off, a super big thank you to all my staff who did an amazing job this Weekend arranging and setting up 4 weddings and multiple other events. Fall is certainly on it's way and this weekends events were a combination of late summer tones and early fall ones with shades of pinks and peaches once again.  Anna's a bouquet was a natural blend of country style blooms such as a Queen Anne's lace, berries, gumphria, millet and eucalyptus along with elegant blooms such as ranunculus, tea roses, bouvardia, dahlias and freesia. I especially love the burlap ribbon treatment on the stems. Her bouquet smelled and looked amazing in person!   Moving on to Heidi's bridal bouquet - hot raspberry pinks, greens and white in the form of roses, orchids, mini callas and ranuculus along with accents of rhinestone spray for a touch of bling.   Moving on to Taotao's bridal bouquet in all shades of peach from light into dark using roses and mini callas.   Moving on

Fall Floral Design Classes in Princeton and Yardley

We have great Fall design classes coming up in both our Princeton  and Yardley locations.  On October 23 rd , from 6-8PM, we will be hosting Pumpkin Floral Arranging in our Princeton store.  Make your home extra festive and create your own floral arrangement in a pumpkin, just in time for Halloween!  Enjoy wine and refreshments while you personalize your home Fall décor.  This class is only $45 per person and includes $10 of Monday Morning Money to spend at your leisure. In our Yardley store, join us on November 7 th from 6-8PM for Fall Floral Design and create and arrangement to resemble an apple cinnamon martini!  What would the night be if we didn’t serve the delicious drink itself for the occasion!?  Enjoy refreshments and martinis as your create a great piece for your décor and receive instruction that will allow you to design your own arrangements at home.  This class is only $45 per person and includes $10 of Monday Morning Money. With Thanksgiving approaching quickly,

Affordable Flowers for the Home

I've said it before and I will say it again, living with flowers not only brightens you home but it makes you feel better. Studies show that seeing flowers first thing in the morning helps people feel more positive and uplifted. Think you can't afford flowers? Now you can. Each Friday we off a fresh bouquet of flowers for only $5 and these are not just any old flowers. These are fresh, big bunches that change each Friday to give you a variety from week to week. Last wee we had fall carnations, the week before we had Oriental Lilies. We sometimes do stock, gerbera daisies and even roses. Fresh, full and fun, you really need to treat yourself to these beauties.  Sorry, no delivery available but maybe, just maybe you should swing by one of our stores and treat yourself to a bouquet. Get out and smell the flowers! 111 Main Street, Princeton, NJ in the Princeton Forrestal open until 7 pm and 45 East Afton Avenue, Yardley PA open until 6 pm. To reserve a bouquet call us at 609.5

Scents of the Season Promotion ~ Aunt Sadie Candles

The scent of fall is in the air, yes we know it's still summer but our customers are moving on and looking forward to the change of seasons and so we are announcing our "Scent of the Season's" promotion. Our fall fragrance comes from Aunt Sadie's candles called "Autumn". A wonderful blend of spices and herbs combine in this adorable 50's style candle. Selling for $19 per candle, these candles are made with care in Vermont USA. These candles are available at both our Princeton, NJ store and our Yardley, PA store.  At our Princeton shop, when you buy this fragrance, you also can take 40% off any jewelry item in the store and we have some really pretty pieces in right now. Why not stop in to our Princeton shop and pick up a candle for yourself today! For more information call us at 609.520.2005. 

Wonder How They Grow

Last weekends wedding for Lorrie had us using lots of fresh, natural flowers such as astilbe, fever fews and tons and tons of baby's breath. One of the flowers used in the table centerpieces and Lorrie's pretty bouquet was Queen Anne's lace grown in California. Ever wonder where those beautiful flowers we use in our everyday and wedding designs come from? For us, we love buying from Cali because of the quality, selection and the fact that they are USA Grown. Not many flowers are with most cut flowers sold in the USA coming from outside our country. Any opportunity I get to "Buy Local" US flowers, I jump at the chance. As you can see from the photo to the left, Lorries' flowers came out amazing and it's even more gratifying for me to have seen some of the amazing farm land that grow these amazing varieties. We may be located in New Jersey but we get in the most amazing flowers from all over the world and this picture proves it!   To see this and mor

$5 Flower Friday ~ September 13th

It's that time of the week again and today we have Roses for just $5! This weeks $5 Friday flower are amazing and don't you just love the colors? Each bouquet has 6 roses in straight colors and should last long beyond the weekend. If you haven't heard about our weekly special, every Friday we have a flower deal for just $5, in time for the weekend. If you want to see what flower we are offering each week you can text FRIDAY to 555888 to be notified via text or you can check out our facebook pages at or .  With 2 Flower Shop locations ~ Princeton Forrestal Village in Princeton/Plainsboro NJ and 45 E. Afton Avenue, Yardley, PA - it's our pleasure to bring you affordable flowers for your home. Why not stop in and treat yourself to a bunch? 

Want To Be a Floral Designer?

Well at our little flower shop here in Princeton NJ anything is possible, including letting you be a floral designer. Have you heard about our new DIY (Do It Yourself) Design Bench? You pick the flowers, we provide you with the place to work, the containers, the greenery and foliage, the tools and even a bit of instruction if you  would like. Why you ask? Because folks like creating their own designs for themselves or even to give as gifts. What's better than giving a gift you made yourself, right?  We just give you an easy way to do it. Not only do is put you in the thick of it, you get to watch the action of our floral product room as it happens around you. Why not get creative and join us for a little DIY Action! Available at our Princeton New Jersey flower shop only located in the Princeton Forrestal Village just behind the Westin hotel. If you have never visited our lovely floral shop, this might just be the excuse you need to stop in! 

Peaches and Creams for a Country Backyard Wedding

Today's wedding bouquet is just so sweet! Dahlias, Donna Roses, fever few, queen anne's lace, hyperiucm berries, ladies mantle, spray roses and maidenhead ferns combine for a loose and airy bridal bouquet for our bride Carolyn. Don't you just love the natural, fresh picked feel? Soft tones have been popular this summer and most likely this trend will continue into the early fall bridal season. Lorrie's brides maids will each be carrying hand tied bouquets of soft baby's breath. Perfect for a New Jersey back yard wedding in early September!  Are you getting married in 2014 in the Princeton, NJ or Yardley, PA area?  Now is the time to secure your wedding date and we'd love to work with you. To schedule your free floral consultation contact us at 609.520.2005 or email me at 

What Never to Say to Your Local Florist

A bit tongue in cheek but truly, if you want to get on the wrong side of your local florist; these will do it! Are your flowers fresh? Believe it or not, most retail florists get fresh flowers into their shops (like we do) at least 4 to 5 days a week. Yes, our flowers are fresh. Do you sell flowers? We get this all the time. Our signage says we are a florist, we have the word Flower in our company name and folks still walk past our 9'X12' refrigerator and past many buckets of fresh flowers and ask this question. That's like asking a restaurant if they sell food. The answer is YES! That's what we do!   Can you make me a pretty arrangement? No, we specialize in ugly arrangements!! Just kidding but we think all flowers are pretty, a better description of what you might want the flowers to look like is better than asking this question. What is ugly to you might be stunning to another person; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Being a bit clear about your expectat

Pretty Pink Wedding at Mercer Oaks Golf Club

Soft pink hydrangeas, roses and dianthus (carnations) accented with waxflowers and baby's breath; what a sweet combination for Robin's wedding at Mercer Oaks Golf Club today. Simple bubble bowls filled lushly with these sweet flowers decorated the tables that were draped in a purple table cloths.  Robin's bouquet was soft, sweet and simple and perfect for this late summer wedding. To see this and more of our wedding floral designs be sure to check out our wedding website at or call us at 609.520.2005 to schedule your free wedding flower consultation . 2014 wedding date are booking up quickly so if you haven't already chosen your florist, we hope you will consider our shop!