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Our Next Floral Design Class

Join us on November 25th from 6 - 8 pm at our Princeton Forrestal Village shop to learn to make your very own Floral Centerpiece for Thanksgiving. First we mingle, drink wine, have some light fare and then off we go into our Production Room to show you how to Floral Design . This class in hands on and interactive and you leave with your very own floral centerpiece to grace your Thanksgiving table. Space is limited so reserve now ~ only $75 per person and that include $15 worth of the Monday Morning Money to spend in the store that night or at any future time. It's truly a great deal! Click here to reserve your place directly on our website!  To view this or future classes be sure to check out our website at or our facebook page at and

Have You Seen Our YouTube Channel

If you haven't seen our Channel, we invite you to take a peek. We have videos of flowers, events, tips and tricks for everything and anything floral! We'd love you to join us and provide us with feedback!

Choose New Jersey Event

 We love last minute corporate gigs like this one for Choose NJ, which is located here in the Princeton Forrestal Village. A bit more about Choose NJ later. Anyway, looking to brighten up their offices for a office grand opening tonight, they contacted us yesterday to see if we might be able to provide them with fresh floral decor. Can we do that??? Is the sky blue!! We live to do that! As you can see, Design Manager Holly went to town making festive arrangements to decorate the event.  This will greet guests as they arrive! The coffee table piece below just adds a touch of color and freshness to the entrance sitting area.  How cool is this, our amazing state and touting all the wonderful reasons to have a business in New Jersey!  The piece below was a colorful addition to the board room. A touch of fresh spring flowers really livened up an otherwise, colorless room. They just might love it so much that may want flower every week - a flower girl like me can only hope.  Y

Shout it Out!

How fun are these Jumbo letters? Perfect to spell out names for sweet 16's and Mitzvahs, names of businesses or schools or even anniversary years. We sells tons of these over sized letter and at only $25 per letter, you can't ask for more "bang for your buck" than that! To see more of our event and balloon decor visit our website at

It's All in the Details!

Whenever I do a wedding consultation, one of the elements I'm always sure to discuss is the process of tagging all the flowers for my brides and grooms. This insures that not only is there no confusion about whose flowers are whose but also helps us to make sure that each floral is delivered to the correction location. How we do this is we e-mail each Bride a questionnaire for them to fill out and send back to us. There we ask for all contact information such as day of cells, wedding planner information, drop time desired, banquet hall and church contacts, etc. Then there is a place where we ask to the Bride and Groom to name each person in the wedding that is either wearing or holding a flower. Not only does this include bridal bouquets but also boutonnieres, corsages, etc. Lastly, we ask for this list to be broken down by drop off location. Most Brides forget that they may need their bouquets at one location for pictures and the gentlemen flowers might need to go directly to chur

Look Them in the Eye

Every now and then, in the middle of a busy, stressful, yet rewarding work week you have to step back and look around you. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff that you forget to look people in the eye, to really see those around you. I notice that sometimes when I'm working with a customer, I can get so caught up in getting their flowers or ringing up their sale, that I forget to look at them. You know, make long, meaningful eye contact. I notice that as outgoing as I am, I can sometimes be shy. It seems so intimate to make eye contact that I look here and there but not always directly at them. It's a habit I'm looking to break because the act goes both ways. They can't see the real me until I not only show them the smile in my voice but also the smile in my eyes. So, what brought me to this blog today? I was sitting here at my desk, trying to get hyped up to start working on some wedding proposals, which are sometimes the equivalent of homework