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Stop Thinking and Listen to Your Heart!

That almost sounds like a song but it's what I tell my brides when they are having trouble deciding on their wedding flowers. Those of us that love flowers might find it hard to believe that others don't share our enthusiasm but if the truth was told, some brides find choosing their wedding flowers to be stressful. That's when I tell them, don't think with your head, think with your heart!! When you look at a flower or color and it makes you all giddy, that's a good thing. Look for flowers that make you get butterflies. The ones that make you smile. Whenever I'm showing brides pictures of our work and they say "Well, that would be ok", I'm quick to say "I don't want you say it's ok, I want you to say you love it"! Sometimes we get caught up in trying to please those around us or we feel pressure to do whatever is expected, so much so that we loose touch with our creative side. We loose touch with our own feelings and if we can&#

The Color Purple!

Ok, now how fun is purple? It's not for everyone and most people you ask will tell you they either love purple or hate it but no one can say that it does not make a strong statement. I remember thinking how daring my sister in law was being when she picked purple as her wedding color over 15 years ago!! Love it or hate it you have to give the color purple it's due. It's dramatic!! These bouquets were created for our bride Julie's brides maids. Deep purple lisianthus, along with purple hydrangea and roses were slightly accented with lime green berries!   This bouquet was created for our bride Andria and was quite striking for her wedding ceremony at Grounds for Sculpture. There was no way this bouquet did not stand out among the garden setting! This hand tied bouquet of purple and cream colored roses along with blue hydrangea was simple and sweet for this brides outdoor ceremony. The collar of variegated greens softened the look and gave them that "fresh picked"

Bridal Slide Show!

Wow! It's June and It's Busy!

Thought I'd share some pictures from our very busy weekend!! Five weddings , 4 Mitzvah , 2 showers, 1 anniversary party , 2 Walk-a- thons and 2 sweet sixteens! I may be forgetting something! This picture above if from a garden wedding at Chauncey Center. Simple violet plants in purples and blues in silver mint julep cups. Truly simple but elegant!! Wow! That's a long table. Elegant white flowers create a runner at this event at Salt Creek Grille, located right here in the Village near our shop! This one will be a personal favorite of mine. No wonder the client was happy! This balloon arch was designed by our Event Coordinator David!! He builds them tough and he builds them fast. This was for the Kidney Walk that took place on Sunday, also here in the Village! These cool Chocolate Brown and Pearlized Pink balloons decorated the Nassau Room at the Westin Hotel, also here in the Village. Yes, we actually did leave the Village this weekend but it pays to be so close