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Hottest Accessory: The Scarf!

Join us on January 16th, 2013 to learn the many ways you can dress up your everyday scarves.  Learn tricks that will take you from casual to fashionable with knots, clips, and great styles. MMF long time customer and friend Ann Kosco will be here to show you how to wear your many scarf styles and look amazing.  Whether you are going to work, out shopping, or out on the town you will know how to dress up or down with the hottest trend right now: the scarf!  The class is from 6:30-8PM and only $20.  Everyone leaves with a brand new scarf, and of course, wine and snacks will be served.  We have been having such a great time at our in-shop classes, so if youre looking for a few hours out this is a great way to meet some new people and learn some fashion tips!  Call 609-520-2005 today to reserve your spot!  

It's All in the Details!

Whenever I do a wedding consultation, one of the elements I'm always sure to discuss is the process of tagging all the flowers for my brides and grooms. This insures that not only is there no confusion about whose flowers are whose but also helps us to make sure that each floral is delivered to the correction location. How we do this is we e-mail each Bride a questionnaire for them to fill out and send back to us. There we ask for all contact information such as day of cells, wedding planner information, drop time desired, banquet hall and church contacts, etc. Then there is a place where we ask to the Bride and Groom to name each person in the wedding that is either wearing or holding a flower. Not only does this include bridal bouquets but also boutonnieres, corsages, etc. Lastly, we ask for this list to be broken down by drop off location. Most Brides forget that they may need their bouquets at one location for pictures and the gentlemen flowers might need to go directly to chur

Continuing Education...

A new hire that recently came on board got me to thinking about Continuing Education. In our industry our education comes in the form of floral design seminars, conferences and sometimes even floracultural schools such as community colleges. It even comes from keeping up with trends via magazines and websites. Some are floral and some are not. Inspiration can come from something as simple as a "Pottery Barn" catelog! Our industry is one that is always changing and evolving. What was "IN" last year might not fly today. Colors, styles and flowers used change with your clients desires. Did you know that floral trends usually follow home decor trends? Well, they do!! The colors that are popular for us to carpet our homes or paint our walls, also affect what types and colors of flowers we want to both send and receive. About a year ago I returned from a Floral Conference and was so inspired by many of the instructors but one in particular stood out to me. In addition