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Finally!! It's Ready!

It's been a long month of cleaning out the old and into the new but alas, maybe not so new! Our Yardley shop has finally been relocated and has opened at our new address of 45 East Afton Ave in a 240 year old building!  For those of you unfamiliar with Yardley it's just up the street and around the corner and it promises to be worth the wait. Three cozy rooms, 2 with fireplaces and a huge parking lot make the trip worth the effort. Cards, plants, gifts, stuffed animals, wreaths and of course, flowers galore await our customers. You know the saying "It's meant to be". That's how I feel about finding this new location. Right off the bat, I was drawn to the space. To put it mildly, before I even had the building owner show me inside, I wanted this as my new store. "Don't be too excited when you meet the landlord", said my husband. You can't appear too eager. Well, Max is a wonderful man but I'm not sure if he noticed the gleem in my eye. My