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Why You Should Hire a Talented Florist...

Samantha , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Have you ever tried to spin a clay pot? Remember art class where you sat there just trying to get that clay to turn into something of beauty? If you are like me, the clay fought me every step of the way and never was much to look at! I'm the same way with paint. I marvel at how someone can take that little colorful liquid and turn it into an amazing landscape or portrait. Well, the same holds true for flowers in the hands of truly gifted artist. Believe me, I've seen designers come and go through my shop doors who think they have talent but are unable to really craft the flowers the way they should. Even with talent someone needs lots of practice and design instruction to really create beautiful floral displays and bouquets. Don't forget, flowers are not only delicate but they are perishable. Working with flowers means that they must be kept cool and can't be done too far in advance. Transportat

So, you want to be a floral designer?

I hear that all the time! "Someday, when I retire, I want to work in a flower shop and be a floral designer". Well, you won't hear anything bad come from me because I love my career and my heart goes out to anyone who does not truly love what they do for a living. That being said, right now we are have two floral design interns at the shop. Both are learning the art of floral design for different, personal reasons but both appear to be learning because of their love of the flowers. I hope they continue to feel that way as their journey of the industry progresses. Our internship is a 4 week program that runs one day per week for 4 weeks. Each week covers the basics: how to prep flowers, correct greening, creative floral insertion and touches on aspects of being a designer, from a business point of view. I'm very excited to be hosting these interns because I feel that it's a vital part of keeping interest in our industry. Going to college for Floral Design is t