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DIY Succulents in Hanging Glass Globe

O ur designer, Norman, created a petite succulent in a hanging glass globe. This is a really simple design that anyone can make and we are excited to show you how! We have all of the materials you'll need in both of our Princeton and Yardley locations: -1 glass globe -1 2.5-3.5” succulent plant -1 ribbon / string -1 pinch of moss   First you take your succulent plant out of it's pot. Tap away excess soil, these need very little water and the moss will help hold the moisture. Next, slide the plant into the globe. Depending on the side of the plant and the entrance to your globe this may take some manipulating. Next,  take the moss, any kind of moss will do, we used Reindeer Moss. Dip the moss in just a bit of water so it is moist and place it around the base of the plant. You'll need to play around with this to make sure most of the roots are covered. Lastly, cut your ribbon or string to the desired length and slip through the t

Scent of the Season

The new “Scent of the Season” candles are here any ready to brighten up your home this holiday season! Buy one of our “Scent of the Season” candles and get 40% off any gift item in the store .  Being a floral and gift shop, your 40% off discount can be applied to nearly everything and anything, with the exception of fresh flowers.  Supplies are limited, so stop in and pick up our “Scent of the Season” candle today in either our Princeton or Yardley location.  Pick up Aunt Sadie’s Ginger Bread or Yuletide scented candle and find the perfect holiday gift for a friend, family member, or co-worker for 40% off! Who ever said holiday gifts are only for others?  Treat yourself to the candle AND gift item, we won’t tell!