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An Interview with photographer Kyo Morishima

An interview by Georgianne, owner of Monday Morning Flowers , with the incredible photographer Kyo Morishima Kyo, tell us a bit about your back ground and how you got into photography? I was born and raised in Japan. After I graduated from high school, I was looking for something fun and meaningful to do. So I came to the U.S., even though I wasn’t sure what I would find and I didn’t speak any English. I took English classes at a community college and also happened to take a Photo 101 class. I enjoyed it a lot (and I failed it because my English was so bad that I didn’t understand I had to be present for the final critique). I decided to go to art school in Washington D.C. After I graduated with my B.F.A. in photography, I moved to New York City. How long have you been doing wedding photography and what made you specialize in this area? I started off shooting street and documentary photography. The reason why I love that kind of photography is because I love to capture