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Do you want to become a "Plant Parent"?

  You've most likely heard the term   Plant   Parent. It just means that you take care of a plant and that you love it! Since Covid has locked many in their homes and kept them away from the office and other "indoor" space, folks have been loving becoming plant parents. Aside from the fact that living with   plants   in the home is healthy for you (they help to clean the air), taking care of a plant gives you something to look forward to. You watch your plant grown and thrive and you can take great pride by saying - "I did that"!  You might be surprised to find out that many men love picking out and receiving as  plants  as gifts. Our designer Alicia, who is an avid plant collector and since moving in with her boyfriend Erik, he's become a plant lover too. If Erik says it's ok to bring home another plant - she doesn't wait to be told twice. Our design Alanna loves decorating the patio of her apartment with beautiful green plants and her boyfriend K
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Who Else is Looking Forward to a New Beginning in 2021?

  Looking Forward to a New Beginning in 2021 Georgianne Vinicombe 2 minute read We made it and so did you. We sincerely hope you are well as is your family. If you had told me back in March that we would still be living and working in the middle of a pandemic I would have told you that you were nuts. But here we are and although we are hoping for better (and safer) days ahead we have been so grateful to be here to help our customers express their love and fondness for friends, family and coworkers.  Birthdays  and  Anniversaries  are still happening and we have been helping to send well wishes for those milestones, which is more important than ever being folks are not able to get together. Of course,  get wells  and  sympathy  deliveries are being made and gifts of flowers, plants and food baskets are always appreciated during those times.  Believe it or not we actually provided flowers for a  wedding  on New Years Eve! In case you are not aware, here in New Jersey we have been capped

6 Reasons to Shop Small This Holiday Season

  Are you Shopping Small this Holiday Season? Georgianne Vinicombe 3 minute read Are you Shopping Small this holiday season? With so many more small business having great  websites  and offering both curbside pick up and delivery, your options for holiday shopping have exploded in 2020. Here at our shop we've always offered delivery ~ we are a florist, of course and that's what florists have been doing for over 100 years! As soon at the car was invented flower shops started delivering. 😉 Bring on 2020 and the pandemic and more businesses than ever are offering delivery. Are you shopping small this holiday season? If you haven't thought about it I'd love to give you some reasons why you should support your small independent  retailers this holiday season.  Small Businesses give back more to your local community. We you buy from a local business, you are supporting your town. Business pay sales tax and when you shop big box business elsewhere that money doesn't benef

Elopement Flowers, Every Bride Needs a Bouquet

  Elopement Flowers, Every Bride Needs a Bouquet ~ One of the most gratifying things to come out of the pandemic is all the e lopement  flowers we have been creating. With many couples deciding to get married right away and not wait, it's been our pleasure to create some gorgeous last minute  wedding  flowers. Some couples are getting married at their own homes while others are going to the court house. Isn't that romantic? We love it!! This  bouquet  was created this pasts weekend and the bride asked for mostly white and green to be accented with touches of blush/pastels. We used a combination of tea and spray roses, mini calla lilies, locally grown gomphrena, cut succulent plants, eucalytpus and  touches of sweet baby's breath. So soft and romantic.  One of our favorites was from a couple of weeks ago. We created a hand tied bouquet of all pink and peach flowers and pops of blue with no added greenery added. Tea and Spray roses, gerbera daisy, berries, carnations (yes, ca

Our retail shop is back open for in store shopping!! Yay!

  Our Retail Shop is Back Open for In Store Shopping Our retail shop is back open for in store shopping!! Yay! We have finally re-opened our retail store to in-store shopping after more than 5 months of doing Curbside Pick and Delivery Only. It's felt good to welcome folks back into our pretty little store. During the Pandemic, we brought in tons of new items which we highlighted mostly on our website but now you can see them in person. We have majorly expanded our line of food items to include things such as spice rubs and hot sauces, along with healthy snacks such as veggie chips and Super Food cookies. During the pandemic folks have been wanting to send gifts that pamper and support and so we have brought in more items such as spa sets, soaps and lotions, more healing crystals and even items such as sanitizing sprays and face masks. Many of these items have been added as either their own product on our website available for delivery or as "add on" items that can make y

Late August Wedding Bouquet During a Pandemic

Today's bridal bouquet ~ I love all the bouquets we do but this one is the closest to what I would have for myself, if I was getting married for the first time (again). After my own wedding almost 35 years ago and a vow renewal 25 years ago - sadly, I can't justify another wedding for myself and Kevin but it's always a wonderful part of my job to road test the bridal bouquets. This bouquet is created with white and pale pink roses, stephanotis (jasmine), gold tinted seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus and pops of purple limonium.

Planning Your Intimate Wedding During Covid-19

Intimate Weddings During Covid-19 ~ What a mess this year has been for couples trying to have a beautiful wedding here in New Jersey. Even my own cousin was affected, changing their date twice and moving locations to accommodate an outdoor setting. Most, if not all our  weddings  for 2020 have been either postponed to 2021 or are being downsized. A few are holding smaller  intimate weddings  for family and friends in their back yards and next year will hold the larger receptions with a vow renewal for family and friends. Here in NJ, we are allowed outdoor events with up to 250 guests but most of our weddings are seem to be less than 100 people. Social distancing and masks will be the norm with couples providing both sanitizer and mask. A few of our brides have even asked for a for floral arrangement for the Mask Table. Who thought that we would need that? Yikes!!  If you are having to have your wedding during this time, we do have a few suggestions for you.  Don't skimp on your  br