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Yellow It Is!!

Recently I wrote a blog singing the praises of the color Pink for wedding flowers. Now it's time talk about yellow. In the past 2 months alone, we have done 6 weddings (including one that we are doing this coming weekend) with yellow as the predominant color theme. For our bride Jihan we mixed lavenders, creams and buttery yellows using a mixture of hydrangea, tulips and roses for an elegant spring mixture and an accent of lime green foliage softened the look. Another dramatic combination has been yellow and steel grey. Our bride Jen used a mixture of forsythia branches, roses and orchids in shades of yellow to create her beach themed wedding. Accents of platinum along with soft yellows were an unexpected but gorgeous combination. Even her bouquet carried the theme using fragrant yellow freesia. A very convenient aspect of using this color theme is that there are so many gorgeous flowers that come in various shades of yellow. Orchids, roses, freesia, tulips, dahlias, mum, ca

Getting High with Balloons!

Last week I had the misfortune of bending over in just the wrong way and whamo!! Snapped my back right out of whack. Not a fun way to spend Memorial Day Weekend. It would not have been so bad if it weren't for painful spasms that kept me up and walking around the house most of the night. It's amazing how quickly you can get to feeling pretty sorry for yourself. I sure did. During one of my many strolls around the house my mind wandered to balloon bouquets. I know that sounds strange but in one of my moments of "self-pity" I thought about a big bouquet of helium filled balloons. Colorful hearts, stars and circles. How fun! Sayings such as Thinking of You, Get Well Soon, To Cheer You, You're Special not to mention, silly Smiley Faces with colorful hair came to mind. I mean, I'm a florist and work with balloons everyday. I tried to detached myself from my business and imagine what it feels like to receive one of these fun, high flying bouquets of balloons. I

A Garden Wedding...

I met Ava and Harry one night quite a few months ago to talk about their vision for their wedding. Almost 3 hours later I felt like I had a clear picture of what they wanted their wedding flowers to look like. I also felt like I had known them forever. We really had a nice time talking about flowers, work and life. It's amazing how brides and grooms come and go but there is a piece of each one left behind inside of me when the wedding day is over. I was especially excited to do their wedding because Ava wanted us to create a cascade bouquet for her. I love hand tied bouquets but truth be told we do so many of them, it's more challenging to do a good, old fashioned bridal bouquet. My prediction is that we'll be seeing more and more cascades. The same weekend we did Harry and Ava's wedding we did two others and 2 out of three brides choose a cascade style bouquet, so it seems to be a trend that is picking up momentum. Ava's beautiful bouquet was very simple but so str

Think Pink!

I don't know what it is about the color pink but it just never seems to go out of style when choosing a wedding flower color. A lush bouquet of ivory and pale pink roses is as timeless now as it was 10 years ago. Aged, ceramic urns filled with herbs and pink blooms make a perfect centerpiece for a wedding set in an old mansion. A simple wreath of cream hydrangea, pink roses and carnations and accents of moss look perfect at an outdoor terrace wedding. Pink roses everywhere speak of romance and elegance. Choose pink as your wedding color the options are endless. To see more, gorgeous pink arrangements visit our wedding website at

Sometimes It's Just About the Color!

Have you ever noticed how simply seeing a strong color can alter your feelings in an instant? I know it sure can for me. I'm very much affected by the colors around me. Some make me happy and some make me sad but there's not doubt that they make me feel something... Whenever I'm consulting with someone regarding an event, no matter if it's a wedding, corporate function or social party I always try to zero in on the clients wish for color. Not too long ago I met with a bride who was clearly getting mad at me because I kept bringing her back to color. "Why are you forcing me to pick a color?", she finally blurted! I'm not sure if that was the right thing or the wrong thing to do but I always begin with color when I'm designing event decor. Even if someone gives me a theme, such as a night at the casino, I know that certain colors will immediately remind me of that theme and so off in that direction I go. I felt that until that bride could pick a color,

My Favorite Place

Ah, Mother's Day is over. I love the holiday because it's not only good for business but it's good for the soul. Delivering lots of gorgeous flowers to deserving mothers, what could be better? Today was a day for me to catch up in the office. I'm totally beat and so far behind on doing all my wedding flowers proposals, answering emails and order flowers for June and July wedding. It felt good to sit at my desk and plow through folder after folder. For the fun of it I went onto my Facebook page being I had not been there in over three days. I love connecting with friends, family and old high school buddies. It's fun to see pictures of their kids and even (dare I admit) grandkids! At the top of the page it always asks what you wants on your mind. I notice I usually am saying the same thing over and over - I'm in the office, I'm at work or I'm at home having a glass of wine. How boring - huh! Today when I looked at that Facebook Status block asking me

Treat Yourself, It's OK - No Really, It's OK.

Have you ever had a bad day and just wanted to buy something that makes you feel better? Sometimes it's treating yourself to something as simple as an ice cream cone or even buying a little plant to put on your desk. I've noticed over the last few weeks at the flower shop that many people are coming in for a "little something" that brighten their day. Yes, we still get the usual customer coming in for a quick housewarming bouquet of little plant to take to a friend who's feeling blue but it's always fun to help a customer who is treating themselves to something. I guess with the economy the way it is we may need a little pick me up but need to keep the $'s in check. What's easier than picking up a fresh bunch of tulips or even daisies or a tiny violet plant for the window sill. It's amazing how a $10 bouquet of fresh flowers can lift your spirits. Just remember that you deserve pretty things in your life, even if it's not your birthday!