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My Interview with David Register from FernTrust Farms

You know I love blogging, learning and sharing information about the floral and wedding industry so I've decided to start doing interviews with industry leaders that I admire. My very first interview is with David Register who is the Executive Vice President of FernTrust which was founded in 1986 as a cooperative of quality oriented growers sharing a rich history in the agribusiness and is located in Seville, Florida. I personal have met David and buy his products!  Thank you David for being my very first interview. I'm always fascinated by flower growers and really wanted to learn more about the cut foliage industry. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me more about yourself and your business!  Tell us a little about yourself and about your position at FernTrust? I am 50 years old attended the University of Florida, Love the outdoors and country living.  I have been Married to my wife Alison for almost 26 years  and we have two daughters Victoria and Savanna. 

Guest Blog by J Schwanke - The Flower Expert!

Are you “Saying it with Flowers?”   Hey there! I’m J and they call me the “Flower Expert”! On ABC Television I’m known as the “Flower Guru” and I host the world’s first internet weekly web TV show about flower apply named “ Fun with Flowers with J ”.   My industry refers to me as “the Most Trusted Voice in the Flower Industry”.   :o) Monday Morning Flower’s Georgianne and I became fast friends at a seminar I was giving in Heightstown, NJ.   I love her energy and enthusiasm for helping her fans “say it with flowers” whether it’s for Valentine’s day, prom, happy weekend or BOY do I LOVE YOU!!! No matter how you break it down, I love everything about flowers.   Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING!!!) allows us to share our emotions better than flowers. It’s impossible to “RUIN” someone’s day with flowers although it is possible to select the wrong flower.   Consider the gentleman who sent his wife a cactus to repair their “prickly” relations…well, you get the idea. :o) The Societ