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Guest Blog by J Schwanke - The Flower Expert!

Are you “Saying it with Flowers?” 

Hey there! I’m J and they call me the “Flower Expert”! On ABC Television I’m known as the “Flower Guru” and I host the world’s first internet weekly web TV show about flower apply named “Fun with Flowers with J”.  My industry refers to me as “the Most Trusted Voice in the Flower Industry”.  :o)
Monday Morning Flower’s Georgianne and I became fast friends at a seminar I was giving in Heightstown, NJ.  I love her energy and enthusiasm for helping her fans “say it with flowers” whether it’s for Valentine’s day, prom, happy weekend or BOY do I LOVE YOU!!!
No matter how you break it down, I love everything about flowers.  Nothing (and I do mean NOTHING!!!) allows us to share our emotions better than flowers. It’s impossible to “RUIN” someone’s day with flowers although it is possible to select the wrong flower.  Consider the gentleman who sent his wife a cactus to repair their “prickly” relations…well, you get the idea. :o)
The Society of American Florist tells us SO much about the way flowers can make a difference. Sick people that receive flowers get better faster (Yellow flowers = EVEN FASTER), homes with flowers have fewer disagreements and seniors, in the presence of flowers, have happier thoughts and better memory retention.
And flowers aren’t just for the ladies.  I recently filmed a show with FOX News downin Charlotte with anchor Christine Noel, where we discussed “Chick and Dude flowers”.  Together we created a fantastic basket of flowers that crossed gender barriers!
The February/March issue of AARP (I’m a proud member…hehe) endorsed flowers at the #1 SURE FIRE ingredient for ROMANTIC night at home and featured tulips!  To show how the world has changed, tulips are no longer a spring flower. They are available 24-7 thanks to Sun Valley Groupin Arcata, Ca who solved the year round equation for tulip production. (Georgianne note:  look for our future blog that talks about flowers grown right here in the USA).

Every moment of our lives is made more memorable with flowers beginning with birth right through prom, engagement, wedding, anniversary, and sympathy tributes.  And let us not forget all those occasions in between such as birthdays, holidays, dog house day and make-up dinners.  Can you imagine our lives without flowers?
I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by flowers.  From my birth at a flower convention (can you imagine a greater beginning?) to running through my families greenhouse as a toddler then running my family business and now culminating as the host of Flower show.  I realized early on that simply the best way to express our feelings is with FLOWERS!

So I ask you, what is it that you're trying to say today? Wouldn't it be EASIER, more EFFECTIVE and EMOTIONAL if you said it with flowers? Geogianne and her amazing Flower Artists are standing by with buckets of blossoms, ready to "increase your vocabulary", I'm just sayin..... 
Thanks for the guest blog J and we thank you for your continued support of us and the florists of the world!! Georgianne

J Schwanke, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, The foremost Flower Expert and Host of Fun with Flowers and J on is the Most Trusted Voice in the Flower Industry. J’s Daily Flower Thoughts are available (FREE) Monday-Friday from an On-line community for Everything Flowers!
To learn more about J visit is his website at and you can connect with him on Facebook at   

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