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Pink Roses

It's funny how often I get asked what my favorite flower is. I wonder if people ask the pizza maker what his favorite pie is. Anyway, roses, roses and more roses. I love roses. I love everything about them. This picture taken at Longwood Gardens on Christmas Day by yours truly shows my fascination with this perfect flower. This bud is just a day or so away from blooming fully and although I generally am not fond of roses that are still buds, this one just spoke to me and forced me to take a photo of it. I wonder if it was mocking me for all the times I've told brides that roses are most beautiful when they are they are fully bloomed. I stand corrected, roses are beautiful at every stage!!

Have You Considered Feathers?

Ah, peacock feathers, definately not for the faint of heart but when used correctly - Wow! This bouquet created for our bride Stephanie really speaks to people when they see it. They may not be brave enough to choose it for themselves but everyone agrees it's beautiful and memorable. Even the groom wore a small peacock feather. Talk about being trend setters! Traditional floral elements like the roses and stephanotis above are taken to the next level with these soft white ostrich feathers. Bride Jennifer loved the soft texture these added to the edge of her bouquet and they also complimented her soft tulle skirting.  The simple act of adding some rhinestones really take this bouquet from ordinary to extraordinary.