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Kevin and Routing

I thought I'd share this photo of my hubby Kevin, doing a fantastic job routing the Valentine's Day deliveries. Looks like kaos but in fact everything was staged and routed depending on the town it was to be delivered too. Just about 400 deliveries left the shop in one day and all drivers returned by about 5 pm. Thank you too all our "extra" helpers - Donna, Steven, Donna (number 2), Alison, Mikey, James, Ed, Cory and Dave. Acting as drivers and shop greeters, these wonderful folks helped make our holiday the least stressful holiday in recent years!!

Saying it with flowers

Have you seen the cover of today's Princeton Packet Newspaper? Well, yes, there I am, yours truly in all my "floral" glory. What fun it was to have the "Press" at the shop. It was wonderful of them to put flowers right on their cover and I was honored to be included.  Valentine's Day and flowers - perfect together. Have you noticed how everyone feels a need to say "Don't send flowers this Valentine's Day - send our product instead"? I'm thinking that as florists we should take that as a compliment that we are so often targeted in ads. Marketing 101 - if you have to put down someone elses product, you just might not have a good product yourself. Enough said. For those of us who sell flowers, stand on our own merits. People, especially women, love getting flowers.   No bashing the folks that sell jewelry, chocolates, cell phones, fruit, teddy bears, etc, etc.  Because flowers let you say what's in your heart why not send flowers t

Gift Table

My last blog talked about the importance of the Escort/Place Card table and that got me to thinking about the gift table. Is it worth decorating the gift table at your wedding or other event such as a shower or birthday party? My answer is a definite "Maybe"!! Is the table in an area that will be seen all night? Does it need a little something to help say "Here, Put your gifts here?". If so, it might be worth putting some of your decor budget towards decorating the gift table. Often we do a tall floral display or a bouquet of balloons, as in the case of sweet 16 and mitzvah parties. Even a garland of fresh foliage accented with flowers, ribbons or event branches looks lovely if it matches the over all theme of the event!! To see more of our design work visit our party website at

Happy 4th of July!

Memorial Day Wreath , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Ok, this week has to be a record for flowers being delivered with a red, white and blue theme. We've even just about run out mini flags! I have to say, it's so nice to see Americans in the spirit of the holiday and relating that joy into floral arrangements being sent to family and friends. This wreath was created for Princeton Boro's Memorial Day celebration and what fun it was to go back past the monument even two weeks later and it was still there, looking pretty good!! Happy Birthday America!! We love you!

Working in the flower shop

The cooler , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Have you ever said - "I'd love to work in a flower shop"? I'll bet at one time or the other you have because why wouldn't you? It smells nice, we are surrounded by flowers and we make people happy. Mother's day is awesome for us florists because we help all of you say thank you to your moms. Colorful flowers in pinks and lavenders, helium filled balloons, yummy chocolates and pretty blooming plants just flew out of the shop this week. Each were hand delivered to happy mothers with special messages of thanks, love and adoration. Want proof? Well, here was our cooler one night at closing. Each day our cooler filled up like this and each morning as the drivers filed in, the cooler was emptied out. Thank you to our customers who have made our 22nd Mother's Day such a success. We sincerely hope we brought a smile to many faces this holiday!

My Home, My Business(es)

Have you ever had someone walk into your house and say something nice about it? Doesn't that make you all warm and fuzzy? Personally, I'm a homebody. To me my house is my castle, my sanctuary but if truth be told, so are both my shops. When someone walks in and says something nice about them, I'm so happy. Yesterday I met with a bride and she was so complimentary about my Bridal Showroom. It just gave me the warm and fuzzies inside! Well, today it's snowing - again. I love the snow but I especially love the way both my shops look in the snow. First off, our new Yardley location is off the "quaint" meter in the snow and the picture above proves it !! Our Princeton shop with it's lovely woodwork and big open windows, is also a charmer. Today is the third major snow fall we've had, not good for business but honestly, don't my shops look adorable in the snow? To the left is my house. It also looks amazing in a snow storm. Nice to be inside, all wa

Sympathy Flowers - Blog Re-Post

Below is a repost from one of my very first blogs . I wanted to re-post it because as it was relivant in March of 2008, so it is today, especially after the holiday. In honor of my dad, who died on Christmas Eve 17 years ago and because of the season, I thought it was especially timely to remind people how important flowers are to families who are grieving. Recently a customer and I got to talking about sympathy flowers . This started me thinking about the floral industry and what an important role we play during the grieving process. I remember when my father passed away I asked my mother if she wanted me to inform friends and family to make a donation instead of sending flowers. My mother's response was something I've never forgotten, even 15 years later. She looked completely grief stricken and told me that her greatest fear was that she would walk into the wake and not find any flowers there. Being in the floral business , I've always known that flowers are sent as

Holiday Shopping...

For those of you who read my blog, you know I rarely make it overly "Salesish" but in the spirit of Christmas and knowing that many of you will be running around like crazy looking for gifts, I thought it might be nice if I point out some of my favorite offerings this year. The orders for some of our Teleflora product have started coming in and I have to say I really love the Christmas Cookie Bouquet. The mixing bowl is simply adorable and the arrangmenet really makes up nice. Because this is a Teleflora product, it's easy for us to help you send this to just about any location in the US and Canada. At $52.95 this really makes a sweet gift for anyone on your list and shopping online and hand delivery make it both fast and simple. Another Teleflora  product that I'm really liking is the Teleflora Lenox Holly-Day arrangement. The bowl is aspecially lovely and we have already sold quite a few of these, minus the flowers. That, to me, is the ultimate compliment as peo

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Well, here it is, the day before the day before Thanksgiving and I'm stealing a bit of time away from the sales and design floor to do another, much anticipated "Scenes from the Shop". What? It's not much anticipated? Well, regardless, I'm not offended, nor am I bashful about posting some pics!! hehehehe Shop Coordinator Sheryl surprised me with fantastic Winter Themed windows when I returned from my Jamaica vacation. Now that I think about it, was she just rubbing it in? I'm not so sure! Welcome to the North Pole! This year the Holiday Theme at the shop is relaxed and fun. Stuffed animals, Santas and other less formal products seem to be our trend this year. I hope the shopping public agrees!! Kevin walks the coolers before the begin of the busy day while I snap some shops of the new decorated tree. Snowmen, santa, moose and other cuddy toys welcome shoppers into the store! The candy bouquets all lined up and ready to go! Melissa did a great job w

Book Exchange...25 South Main Street, Yardley, PA!

You gotta love the summer. There is nothing like being able to take a little time off from work (if you are lucky enough to do so), sit back and relax with a good book. I read three books this summer, which is a lot for me being I did not get to take a formal vacation this year. I love girlie books that are not quite romance novels but they are the kind of books that get made into movies such as "Bridget Jone's Diary" and "The Shopaholic". A few of us at the shop ended up swapping books back and forth, which made it even more fun because we could talk about the books together. It became sort of our own Book Exchange. That's when I got the idea to start a Book Exchange within our Yardley shop. For anyone that has been to our PA location, you can see right away that has a "home town" feel to the environment and customers become friends. The Town Center has all the hometown trappings such as a cleaners, wine store, pizza place, a hair salon and of