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Beware of Not Budgeting for Your Wedding

Wow, that sounds so ominous but truly, most couples that I meet have not given enough thought to how much they can spend on their wedding flowers. When you began your wedding planning , did you set an overall wedding budget for all elements needed for the day? If not, that could be a problem down the line. I won't tackle that in this blog because I'm not a wedding planner but this statement comes from years of seeing families struggle to come up with the money to have the wedding they envision. If you don't have a working budget in the beginning and don't allocate dollars for each item needed, you are definitely going to exceed what you can afford. Here's a great worksheet that shows you most, if not all of the elements needed in a wedding. Easy Budget Wedding Spreadsheet ~  I'm surprised how often couples tell me they are already over budget and did include a line item for flowers! That's like going into a car dealer and saying I have no money t

Our WeddingWire Page

Have you seen our Wedding Wire Page? We recently add new photos, a new video and even received a few new reviews recently.  Watch this sweet little video and then be sure to visit our WeddingWire Page. We've also updated our Wedding Website so be sure to take a look around. It's much easier to find examples of our work by color, season and more.  We love doing weddings and we hope it shows.                        

Bridal Bouquets and Cost - Why they cost what they do

LinkedTube A quick video that explains how hand tied bridal bouquets are made, how they come together and why a bouquet costs what it costs. We love doing weddings and the floral industry. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see more of our floral designs. We'd love for you to become one of our happy brides. To make an appointment I can be reached by email at