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5 Quick Tips for Ordering the Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece This Year

Do you get confused when it comes to ordering flowers for your Holiday Table? Well, it's not hard and here my 5 quick tips for Ordering the Perfect Holiday Centerpiece . Answer these simple questions and it will all fall together for you and don't forget to let your local florist help you! What is the shape of the table you will be using for Thanksgiving Dinner? Is is round , oval or rectangular? The shape of the table will give your florist some idea of what shape the centerpiece should be. If you have more than one table, remember to order a centerpiece appropriate for each table.  How many people will be seated at the table for Thanksgiving Dinner? The number of people to be seated gives your florist the overall size the table will be. If you have 10 people at a rectangular table, chances are you will have 4 on each side and 2 on the ends, making the table about 8-10 feet long (at least 2 feet per person). If the table is this size and you want a centerpiece that i