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Fun Do It Yourself Projects ~ How to make a boxwood tree

Looking for a fun project to make for Christmas ? Why not make your own Boxwood Tree? During the holiday we sell tons and tons of the cute, mini Christmas trees for our customers. What's fun about them is that they last so long and if someone you know doesn't have the room for a traditional full size tree, it's a nice way to help decorate their house. They also make wonderful centerpieces for the dining room or kitchen table.  Take this one for example that Designer Holly made for a customer who wanted to send her husband a cute Anniversary arrangement, something that would last through the holiday season. Decorated with tiny cardinal birds, curly willow, cinnamon sticks, pine cones and red burlap ribbon ~ it has a very "woodsy" feel, perfect for a mans office, don't you think? Want to make your own Boxwood Tree? If you are in our area you can come to our Boxwood Tree Making Class  but if not, with a few tips, you too can make an adorable tree like t