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No Two the Same ~ Our 3 for $20 Bouquets

One year ago we introduced our new "3 for $20" bunch program into the shop. 7 days a week you can come in to choose the prettiest fresh flowers ~ one bunch for $10 or three bunches for $20. Mixing and matching is super easy and we have almost as much fun seeing what the customer put together as they do!  Once the customer decides on their flower choices, one of our designers hand ties the bouquet together, wraps in pretty paper and adds a delicate ribbon bow.  Sunflowers, orange carnations and white daisies. Don't you love the combo?  White daisy, green hydrangea and pink alstroemeria. 

International Women's Day 2017

Wednesday, March 8th is  International Women’s Day . Started in 1909, the first Women's Day honored the 129 women who died in a factory fire in Chicago. In 1914 the Holiday was officially observed on March 8th and has remained that date since and seeks to  raise political and social awareness of the struggles of women. More than 100 nations recognize Women’s Day (35 declared it a national holiday) with thousands of events held by organizations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women’s groups, corporations and the media. People give flowers and other small gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers and daughters, as well as coworkers, teachers, and friends to show respect, appreciation and love.  Very popular in throughout Eastern Europe and Asia the holiday has been described as a combination of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.   The flower most often associated with Women's Day is the bright yellow mimosa acacia flower. This custom started

Roses are Red

What a whirl wind in the shop this week! Who say's January is a slow time? Roses - Check! Food Baskets - Check! Balloon Centerpieces - Check! Beautiful Bouquet Pickups - Check! Party Flower Centerpieces - Check! Funeral Flowers - Check! New Gift Arrivals - Check! Want to see more of what is going on in the shop? Check out our Facebook Page Here or our Instagram Page Here !

Random Acts of Kindness

I had a thought while driving in the car this morning ~ I think sending flowers is almost a "Random Act of Kindness". When we make flower deliveries the person receiving the floral gift does not expect them. Sometimes it's their birthday , sometimes it's a get well but often they are not expected. I guess by definition, it's not totally random as the sender knows the recipient but it really is unexpected and to me that makes it one of the most powerful gifts you can give. I think most of our Floral Stylists here at the shop think the flowers are the most important part of the gift and of course, a gorgeous, fresh arrangement never hurts - but the card sentiment really convey's the message, making the receiver feel loved and special.   Want to make someone's day? We say send them a bouquet of flowers and that will do the trick!! 

Post Thanksgiving Day Recap in the Shop!

 Have you met Tara? She works in our Yardley shop on Saturdays (she's student) and has been a great addition to our team. Today she helped out in the shop to assist our Thanksgiving Customers!  Driver Donna is part time and such a wonderful team member. See that smile? She's always eager to help and always with a smile! Yesterday and Today she helped deliver smiles in Mercer, Middlesex and Lower Bucks Country. Meet Jeff. Wonder what he does here at the shop? Well he is certainly very multifaceted ~ have you seen any of our online or printed graphics? If so, they were designed by Jeff. Have you ever gone into our Yardley shop on a Thursday or Friday? Yup, you've seen Jeff running the store, processing flowers and creating bouquets for customers. Or perhaps you have opened your door to his smiling face as he makes a deliver to you. See, we told you he was multifaceted!   The Dynamic Duo!! Alexis and Alanna ~ or should I say the A Team. Posing for me between help

Some of our Summer Flower Favorites!

Can you believe it's already August 7th? We sure can't! This week has been a busy one for us creating floral designs for 3 gorgeous weddings and lots of daily deliveries. Take this floral design for example. Garden and tea roses, hydrangeas, orchids, hypericum berries, asiatic lilies and queen anne's lace combine to make a stunning floral centerpiece for a birthday party being held at Jasna Polana Country Club tomorrow.  Brightly colored flowers are not only popular for daily deliveries but today's wedding consisted of pinks, creams and peaches. Saturday's wedding is simple shades of white, greens and creams and Sunday we'll be using all white, lavender and purple flowers. If you received flowers right now, what color would you want them to be? Know someone having a birthday? Why not send them a bouquet of gorgeous flowers from our shop ? We'd love to help you... Send Them a Smile !

Scenes from the Shop in Late June!

Late June has us creating designs for every occasion from Get Well, Birthday, Graduation and Beyond. The designers have been having fun with the designs they are making, including the arrangements in the cooler for those who need to dash in and back out!  Fresh cut bouquets of mixed flowers ready for those grab and go customers in a rush.   Summer candles arrived last month and are on full display, including this Sunshine in a Can candle from Aunt Sadies.   Coffee Coasters - a fun gift for the coffee drinkers in your life.   Who doesn't love yellow daisies , right?   Coffee mugs for your favorite nurse!   Gorgeous orchid plants in the shop this week!  We love making plant gardens and new tropical plants just arrived.   These polka dot plants are super cute and easy to care for and grown. The perfect indoor house plant.   Some adorable signage ~ the joy of the Journey is in the Ride.   Fresh stock grown in California just arrived in colors

Sending Flower Bouquets

 Do you like sending wrapped bouquets? Then you will love the new addition to our website of  flower bouquets delivered, ready for arranging. These bouquets will be wrapped in natural kraft paper, tied with twine or raffia with care instructions. If you know someone who loves flowers and loves arranging them on their own, these will be the perfect gift. Look for them to join our other product offerings on our website in Mid April 2015! Stunning Circus Roses  Giant Green Cymbidium Stems!   Simple Lavender Pompon Daisy Tango Pincushion Proteas

Affordable Flowers

Who says the only place to get cheap (low cost) flowers is at the Supermarket? Not us! Each week we offer two different flower specials. Monday's FreshTen are bouquets of unique blooms, the kinds you won't find at any Big Box Store for only $10. Ours are way fresher too with flowers arriving 3-5 times per week. Available at our Princeton store only we've featured flowers such as Mini Calla Lilies, Protea, Kale and other unique, long lasting flowers for FreshTen. This past week we offered Mini Calla lilies! Each Friday at both of our Stores (Princeton and Yardley) we offer $5 Friday Flowers ; a fresh bouquet usually valued at $10, $15 or more dollars for only $5. This past week we offered Freesia and Rose Bouquets. Do you currently follow us on Facebook? Just visit our pages each week to find out the flower specials! Click here for Princeton's Page or here for Yardley's Page . These bouquets often sell out so we make it easy to reserve. Just give us

Scenes from the Flower Shop in Early August

The designers were especially creative this week! Love the pairing of this vase and graceful orchid designed by Alanna.  Designer Holly went hog wild with the brightly colored flowers filling the cooler with arrangements for our walk in customers at the Princeton store.   It's always a treat to bring in a case of fresh cut phaleanopsis orchids like these. They are a dream to design with.   Our designer had fun playing with these colorful blooms. Don't you love the silk flowers in the base of the vase? This would be the perfect floral arrangement to send to a little girl for her birthday !   We also had fun creating this Pave style design. Don't you love the way she layered the colors. We especially love the playful grasses dancing over the arrangement !  Which one was your favorite? We'd love to know!! 

The Art of Floral Design

We understand the average consumer sending flowers , loves the idea of "seeing" what they will be sending out as their floral gift but the flip side, is that each floral arrangement is hand crafted and hand designed. Matching pictures on our website requires both attention to detail and the having in stock at all time wide selection of flowers . Whew, that's hard work!!  Above is our designers version of one of our best sellers on our website and I have to say that not only did she do a great job, I think the actual arrangement she created far exceeded the "stock photo" arrangement we display on our website. Imagine having this beautifully fresh floral design arriving to your desk? We think it would make you might happy, right?  In my next blog, I'll show some of our unique and one of a kind arrangements created for our customers this week! Until then, feel free to check out our Facebook page at or our website at ww

Being a Sucker for Sunflowers

Don't you just love Sunflowers ? Here at our 2 flower shops, we sure do! Although we are able to bring sunflowers into our store pretty much year round we especially love the summer months when we can buy huge locally grown ones from New Jersey .  Sunflowers are such a joy to design with. Although they look wonderful with other flowers, they especially look nice just by themselves. Don't forget about wedding designs. They dramatic flowers look amazing in wedding bouquets and centerpieces, not to mention on wedding cakes, like the ones pictured below.  Looking to send flowers to cheer someone up? Nothing says "smile, I'm thinking of you" more than a bouquet that includes a sunflower or two, don't you agree?  What's your favorite Sunflower design style? We'd love to know!! 

Rose Prices and Valentine's Day

Are you wondering what we charge for a dozen red roses in December, March or July? $74.99 Are you wondering what we are charging for a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day this year? $74.99 Yes, it's true. We are picking up all the extra cost charged to us by our wholesalers and farms. Why? Because honestly, it's not worth upsetting our customers and we want you to HAPPY!!  There you have it ~ you support us all year long and we support you on one of the busiest floral holidays of the year.