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To Coral or Not to Coral ~ that is the color question

No color has been more confusing to me over the years than coral. Described as a redish or pinkish shade of orange (gee, that's helpful) it remains a very popular color choice for wedding designs. No matter what you call it, this pretty "shade" has been in heavy use this wedding season and I've met with couples for 2016 who are also asking about this pretty color theme. Take the wedding flowers above created for a wedding this weekend. Amsterdam Roses, Bismark Gerbera, Brilliant Coral Spray rose and peach/coral hypericum berries combine to create one striking combination, don't you think? Would you consider this color theme for your wedding ?

Alanna and Our Instagram Account

Have you started to follow our shop on Instagram ? If not, we would love for you to! Do you love flowers? Then you have to check out our page which is chock full or gorgeous blooms .  In case you are wondering how those pretty pictures get there, then meet Customer Care Coordinator Alanna. Alanna loves Instagram so it was an easy decision when I needed "Social Media" help to have Alanna come to my rescue. She loves breezing around the shop taking pictures to share, creating inspirational quotes and following our clients and business neighbors on this fun application.   First I get a picture of Alanna and her wreath creation to post on Google+ and Facebook and then she's right behind me getting a shot for Instagram .  If you like what's she's posting, we'd love for you to follow our page and like our photos!! 

Gold as a Wedding Trend

As they will do, Wedding Trends come and go and an upcoming trend I've noticed for the balance of 2015 into 2016 is the trend of using gold in the wedding designs. Whether is touches of gold foliage or gold toned bowls and dishes, the warm tones of gold seem to be in style for both summer and winter weddings.  Last weekend's wedding included touches of gold foliage and berries mixed among the peach, pink and cream colored flowers. These centerpieces really looked gorgeous among the warm tones of the chairs and carpet.  I can't wait to see the photographers professional photos from this wedding! 

Some of our Summer Flower Favorites!

Can you believe it's already August 7th? We sure can't! This week has been a busy one for us creating floral designs for 3 gorgeous weddings and lots of daily deliveries. Take this floral design for example. Garden and tea roses, hydrangeas, orchids, hypericum berries, asiatic lilies and queen anne's lace combine to make a stunning floral centerpiece for a birthday party being held at Jasna Polana Country Club tomorrow.  Brightly colored flowers are not only popular for daily deliveries but today's wedding consisted of pinks, creams and peaches. Saturday's wedding is simple shades of white, greens and creams and Sunday we'll be using all white, lavender and purple flowers. If you received flowers right now, what color would you want them to be? Know someone having a birthday? Why not send them a bouquet of gorgeous flowers from our shop ? We'd love to help you... Send Them a Smile !