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A June Wedding - Soft and Pretty

When I met bride Beth and her lovely mother, I knew I would have an incredible time helping them plan a romantic wedding. I think these pictures tell the story. Thanks to Pete Malone at 217 Photography for the amazing photos. We created all the floral designs for Pete and Dawns wedding just last year!! Enjoy!! A wedding day without gorgeous flowers? Unthinkable!! Beautiful Beth her gorgeous bouquet of pink, peach and cream roses accents with pink waxflowers. Simple and romantic, just like her! Proud Papa! The handsome grooms is all smiles. His simple cream colored rose looks amazing on his classic suit! A wonderful shot by photography by 217 Photography! Bubbles anyone? Beth and Keith, the perfect pair.

Think Pink!

I don't know what it is about the color pink but it just never seems to go out of style when choosing a wedding flower color. A lush bouquet of ivory and pale pink roses is as timeless now as it was 10 years ago. Aged, ceramic urns filled with herbs and pink blooms make a perfect centerpiece for a wedding set in an old mansion. A simple wreath of cream hydrangea, pink roses and carnations and accents of moss look perfect at an outdoor terrace wedding. Pink roses everywhere speak of romance and elegance. Choose pink as your wedding color the options are endless. To see more, gorgeous pink arrangements visit our wedding website at

My Favorite Flower - Roses

Roses, roses and more roses. People often ask me, as a florist, what is my favorite flower. Hands down my favorite are roses. I love them! They come in so many wonderful colors, can be used in so many different ways. If kept in fresh water and a quick daily cut they can last a long time, and I love they way they burst open. Recently a customer asked me what they should expect the vase life to be. This is a tricky question being some roses last longer than others. Certain varieties last longer than other. Just as there are differences in grades of meat, there are different grades of roses. Some roses are bred to be very fragrant but have a shorter vase life while others with little or no fragrance have a longer vase life. There are many farms located all over the world that grow roses. Some grow hydroponically, some grow out in a field and other inside green houses. After years of ordering roses for the shop for both everyday orders and roses, you get a feel for what each farm produ

A Day at the Ballpark!

Well, it was another successful event at the Trenton Thunder Ballpark where our staff, family and friends helped to give out 1,200 free roses to attendees. It's always so gratifying to meet the fans, many of whom are our customers. I had no less than 10 people come up to me and tell me about their connection with our flower shops! Our very own driver Allan and his lovely wife Diane. Charlie, the husband of Designer Dianne Legg helps to hand out the roses. There's nothing like putting family to work!! Our Sales Associate Sheryl and Designer Dena along with new driver Kyle and Dena's friend Orla help to hand out roses! It was a great night and fun was had by all!