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Recital Flowers

It's that time of year where those adorable kids will be performing their hearts out! It wouldn't be recital time without fresh presentation flower bouquets and what little girl doesn't want to receive them at the end of a wonderful performance!  They dance and play their little hearts out, don't they deserve flowers ? We think so!  Why not let us create something adorable, just for them? We can match their costume or special attire like this one with little lady bugs that perfectly matched the ballerina's costume.Our talented designers can match almost any theme. Call us or stop in and we'd be thrilled to help you! 

Pleasantly Playful Pomanders

Are you tired of seeing the basket of petals or small bouquets that are typically given to flower girls ?  Why not give her a cute pomander instead with some playful ribbons to enhance her innocence.  Or even better... why not give the entire bridal party pomanders rather than bouquets? Pomanders can really make a wedding and they are so versatile.  Try using them as pew decorations or hang them from chairs or shepherds hooks down an aisle for an outdoor wedding .  Place different sized pomanders on the ground at the top of the aisle for added floral and overall texture elements to your wedding.  You can even place them in the center of a table and use them as your centerpiece or as an enhancement to your larger centerpiece. With so many flowers available to make pomanders with, your pomander wedding won't be anything short of a success, and certainly one that your guests will be talking about for years to come. 

Sweet Flower Girl

How adorable is this cute little button. Running towards the camera with her sweet bouquet of Circus rose, hypericum berries and deep blue delphinium. Shaped like a fairy wand, her loving Aunt May told us that she adored her bouquet. With a smile like that, I don't doubt it!! Thank you to photographer Annie Hosfeld for this wonderful photo! To see more pictures of our wedding flower designs you can visit our wedding website at

Flower Girls

Did you just find out that your flower girl is not allowed to throw petals at your church wedding? Never fear - a suggestion is here! Ok, sorry, that was corny but that happens all the time during my consultations. I ask brides what they would like their flower girls to carry and they seem to think that tossing flower petals is not only the only option but that it's allowed everywhere. Well, it's not. Most churches these days don't want petals being tossed for fear of tripping a guest on their marble or tiled floors. Other venues may want a runner to be down so that the petals won't get dug into the carpet and possibly leave a stain. If tossing petals is not an option at your ceremony site, why not consider a cute basket of flowers in the wedding theme. This one was created for little Rebecca for one of last weeks weddings and it's not only easy to hold but just darling!!