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Finding Floral Friends

You can't read a business publication without them telling you how important it is to join in on the "Social Networking" craze. I must admit, that both Facebook and Myspace are still a bit of a mystery to me! And Twitter, now that one is really challenging but I keep plugging away! What I'm really enjoying about the Internet is hooking up with other florists from around the world. It's fun to look at the pictures of their creations, especially wedding designs. In this business it's important to constantly be learning new things not to mention being up on the latest trends! Sometimes after a hard day I may post something that only another florist can relate to. It's so reassuring to have them respond, especially when they post kind things about our work. So for those of your out there, doing the whole "Social Networking" thing. Look me up on the following sites. I'd love to be your Cyber Friend!!