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Altar Flowers

As I write this, we are in the throws of wedding season. What fun it is, not to mention hard work. I love this photo from a wedding many years ago because not only was the couple adorable (I believe Annie and Tim, if memory serves me) but I loved their sweet little hanging cones on the ends of the pews at church. Let's face it, hosting a wedding is expensive but what a treat for us when couple actually put money into decorating the church. I personally love decorating the pews. Why? Well, because you only see a church decorated this way if there is a wedding. You'll never see pretty bows, netting, kissing balls or pretty cones of flowers like this if it's just Sunday services or even a funeral. Simple white cones were stung with chiffon ribbon and had three stems of cream colored stock and a touch of seeded eucalyptus. Very simple but very pretty, don't you think? These cones of flowers cost less than $25 each but how the look of this photo would have changed with out

How About a Spray Rose?

Don't you just adore these tiny buds of perfection? We love designing with these clustered spray roses that come in shades from whites right on up to deep burgundy. Each stem has between 3 and 6 tiny rose buds and we often use them as a single stem flower in party and wedding centerpieces. Other times we use the buds in corsages and boutonniere designs. They are wonderful to use in our every day designs too and sometimes what you see on our website are clusters of spray roses and not the larger, long stemmed ones known as tea roses. The next time you stop into your local florist to buy flowers for yourself or as a gift, why not consider a bouquet of these elegant little flowers?

Matching the Wedding Dresses

It's always fun creating wedding bouquets but it can be even more fun when we are challenged with a harder color theme, such as the coral of these brides maids dresses for our bride Gemma. Using shades of soft pink, white and coral, I think we did a wonderful job of giving both texture and wonderful shading. I especially loved the bridal bouquet which consisted of Bismark (coral), white and pale pink gerbers along with Amsterdam Roses (coral), Hot Orlando roses (hot pink) and Escimo Roses (white) with touches of pink waxflowers. I'm always telling brides that swatches and photos of the dresses are so important during the planning stages and this photo proves it!!

Black and Blue Boring?

New footnote on this blog - 2012: Wow! What a response we had from all over the country with this blue orchid corsage. Please just keep in mind that our corsages are not available outside our New Jersey and Pennsylvania delivery area. If you like this corsage and would like it created feel free to share this photo with your local florist. Now back to the originial blog post from 5/18/2011: We say no way!! Who says flowers for Prom have to be boring - well not us. This blue orchid corsage was created by our very talented designer Sheryl. Going to prom soon? Why not hint to your date that you'd like your flowers to come from Monday Morning Flowers!!

Lovely Lilacs

Don't you just love Lilacs? Grown locally, they are only available for a short time in May. They really are such a treat. We created two large vase arrangements for last weekends wedding for our bride Brett and they smelled absolutely amazing for her outdoor ceremony. Located in Millstone Township, Windows on the Water became the perfect backdrop for this mid spring wedding! To see more of our wedding designs be sure to visit our wedding website at

Heart Wreath

. I love taking photos of the arrangements in our cooler and I especially love these pretty heart wreaths we create for funerals. How could anyone not have their spirits lifted when they see these sunny flowers. Sent to a father by his children both the form and the color speak volumes of how they felt about him. Designer Holly created this wreath using fresh, white lilies, spray and tea roses, viking and daisy poms, cream colored stock and accents of fresh ruscus foliage. This wreath, also going to the same service was created using garden, tea and spray roses, carnations, waxflowers, hydrangea and peony blooms. To see more of our sympathy designs visit our website at

Halo for Communion

Ah, you have to love all the fun things that happen during springtime. Dance Recitals, Communions, Graduations, Proms and then Showers and Weddings bring way to BBQ's and Backyard Picnics. What better way to celebrate all these magical times but to include flowers. Take this little cutie for instance. Her mom shared this photo (past bride Lexi) with us after her daughter was the only one in Church with a sweet halo of babies breath and sweetheart roses. Even my 9 year old nephew sported a white rose boutonniere yesterday when he performed in his music recital. He said the girls loved it and it made him feel special. The next time you are about to celebrate something special - we hope you include flowers in the day!!

Flowers for Your Guests

This past weekend we were honored to create floral designs for a wedding reception at the Princeton Marriott. In addition to gorgeous centerpieces, each female guest received an orchid wristlet corsage and each gentleman received a boutonniere. What a lovely thing to do for your guests - so festive, don't you think? We know that most folks couldn't afford to do this but we sure enjoyed making all these lovely wearable flowers! To see more of our event designs be sure to visit our Fan Page at

Article in Floriology

It's always fun having the shop featured in a magazine and we were thrilled to be included in this months Floriology Magazine. Designed for the flower shop owner, Floriology is a monthly, national magazine produced by for their members.   Each month the issue highlights individual stores and their owners. We were thrilled to have Managing Editor Fred Russell come out to inview us and take some great photos for the article. Our article was named "Marketing Frenzy" and was all about our attempts of social media and online marketing!

Creams, Pinks and Purples

What fun it is to look back over the last couple of years and see all the different wedding bouquet designs we have created. This grouping goes from Creams into Pinks and ends in vibrant Purples - no two look the same! To see more of our wedding flower designs be sure to check out our wedding site at !