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Choose New Jersey Event

 We love last minute corporate gigs like this one for Choose NJ, which is located here in the Princeton Forrestal Village. A bit more about Choose NJ later. Anyway, looking to brighten up their offices for a office grand opening tonight, they contacted us yesterday to see if we might be able to provide them with fresh floral decor. Can we do that??? Is the sky blue!! We live to do that! As you can see, Design Manager Holly went to town making festive arrangements to decorate the event.  This will greet guests as they arrive! The coffee table piece below just adds a touch of color and freshness to the entrance sitting area.  How cool is this, our amazing state and touting all the wonderful reasons to have a business in New Jersey!  The piece below was a colorful addition to the board room. A touch of fresh spring flowers really livened up an otherwise, colorless room. They just might love it so much that may want flower every week - a flower girl like me can only hope.  Y

Sometimes It's Just About the Color!

Have you ever noticed how simply seeing a strong color can alter your feelings in an instant? I know it sure can for me. I'm very much affected by the colors around me. Some make me happy and some make me sad but there's not doubt that they make me feel something... Whenever I'm consulting with someone regarding an event, no matter if it's a wedding, corporate function or social party I always try to zero in on the clients wish for color. Not too long ago I met with a bride who was clearly getting mad at me because I kept bringing her back to color. "Why are you forcing me to pick a color?", she finally blurted! I'm not sure if that was the right thing or the wrong thing to do but I always begin with color when I'm designing event decor. Even if someone gives me a theme, such as a night at the casino, I know that certain colors will immediately remind me of that theme and so off in that direction I go. I felt that until that bride could pick a color,