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The Story of Cherie's Bouquet

It's not all the time that we get to do wild and crazy things with flowers but boy did we ever get to do that with Cherie's flowers in May. Don't you just love the natural feel of her bouquet? Roses, berries, callas, arabicum, soft green hanging amaranthus, hydrangea, loops of curly willow vine and galax leaves all combine to be anything but boring! The brides maids carried simple cream hydrangea which looked so pretty against their soft, antique lavender dresses. The men's boutonnieres were green hypericum with a double galax leaf treatment behind. The amazing and unusual - Grounds for Sculpture of Trenton was the setting for the ceremony. A wedding made in heaven if you ask me! To see more of this wedding check out the "Photos Sent By Our Brides" album on our Fan Page at or visit our wedding website at A special thanks to Reena Rose and Erin Hoyt for their amazing photography!

Purple Mystery Flower

What is the flower? Can you guess? I'll bet you think it's a rose? Nope, it's actually a form of ornamental kale that we use in floral arrangements. This variety is hands down our favorite and it's called "Red Crane" and comes through the dutch market and is grown in Holland green houses. Apparently, it's edible but we've never tried it and I'm thinking we probably won't! Long lasting yet fun and fancy, our designers love "Kale Season". If you order a flower arrangement from our shop, you just might find it among the other blooms. It's especially nice used in Thanksgiving centerpieces and the green and white variety are spectacular during Christmas! Take advantage of Kale Season and ask for this awesome flower when you place your order! To see more of our floral creations be sure to check out our website at and if you are planning a wedding our designs can be seen at http://www.perfectweddingflow

Nicole and Bryan's Wedding at the Cranbury Inn

Nicole's Wedding Cranbury Inn , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Purple it is! It was so much fun working on Nicole and Bryan's wedding at the Cranbury Inn. The iris was a large part of the wedding decor, as it the Tennessee State Flowers, where Bryan grew up. What I loved about this wedding was that we took the color theme through all the elements of the wedding from the bouquets and ceremony all the way to the centerpieces. We highlighted the elegant iris to their full potential by showcasing them instead of burying them away. Adding accents of yellow in the centerpieces helped to bring out the center of the iris and giving depth by using both light and dark colored iris, also made sure that no one forgot how important iris's are to this couple! Enjoy the video and let me know if you like it!

Our New Video

Our new video , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . It was really fun having a camera man in our shop a few weeks back! I am super happy with the video that Superpages produced for us. I hope you enjoy!!

Megan's Bouquet

Finally had time to down load pictures from the weddings we had on Mother's Day weekend and I had to share this one. Wow, this has to be one of my favorites of all time. Creamy white roses, deep purple lisianthus and lots of fresh lilacs, not only looked gorgeous but smelled like heaven! If only local American grown lilacs were available year round but alas, is it not to be. I guess that is what makes them so special.

Purple is in!

julie and her girls , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Purple, purple and more purple! It's in and it's hot. This past week was a holiday here at the shop and the lavender cubes and purple vases flew off the shelf. Meeting with brides for late summer and early fall weddings, they are still loving all shades of purple from lavender right on into the deeper tones of lapis. This photo (take by photographer Jeff Tisman) of our bride Julie and her brides maids really shows how nice it is to compliment the deep quartz purple dresses with shades of lavender. Hydangrea, roses, stock, lisianthus, liatris, snapdragons, larkspur and hydrangea along with accent flowers such as statice, limonium and all forms of aster are all wonderful choices when choosing this color palate. What I love about purple is use in the summer with a pop of lime green and it looks so fresh and summeray but use it in fall, it looks rich and elegant. Purple really is a color that c