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New Addition to Our Princeton Collection

THE NEWEST ADDITION TO OUR PRINCETON COLLECTION ALEXANDER The newest Addition to Our  Princeton Collection   Alexander  ~ we always love creating new flower arrangement designs but sometimes it can be hard to come up with a name. Not when we created this new design being added to our Selection called the Princeton Collection. Most of the designs in this collection have somewhat of an Orange and Black Theme because they are inspired by Princeton University. You may not be aware that we not only deliver to the University for the students, faculty and employees but the University is a wonderful client for us as well. We have provided many, many floral and balloon decor events for them over the last 30 years. It's always black and orange season when Princeton University is in session! This new design was inspired by and named after one of the most gorgeous buildings on the Campus Called Alexander Hall. We love this photo we found online because it truly shows how gorgeous this bu

Amazing Summer Flowers at Our Shop

Amazing Summer Flowers at our store in Princeton, NJ. The one thing that never gets old for me is viewing pretty  flowers . When I go on vacation, I stop to look at flowers. When I'm at home, I read flower books. When I'm at work, I ooohh and aahh over the pretty stems in the shop. Let's face it, my job is pretty awesome! A big part of my daily responsibilities is sharing our products on Social Media and that is no hard task! Imagine being a plumber or lawyer? Talk about having a "hard" product to showcase. Luckily, I have not only brightly color blooms but fun and inspirational giftware to show.  This  summer  the sunflowers have been spectacular and the other flowers aren't shabby either. This design includes other flowers such as spray roses, tea roses, stock, spider mums and even tropical protea. Designer Alanna got this pretty shot on the side walk looking down. We're thinking that whoever gets this design is gonig to be pretty happy about it. 

St. Patrick's Day 2016 ~ being Irish for a day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In our shop we go all out with green flowers and this year is no exception. Designer Alexis had fun making some hand tied bouquets for those customers who wanted to dash in and dash out.  In addition to pre made hand tied bouquets we have a large selection of green flowers to choose from such as bells of Ireland (yes that's a flower) Green mums and carnations and adorable floral designs ready to go like this beer mug design created by Rosie!  Want to send a St. Patrick's Day balloon bouquet or pick up a balloon or 2? We have those too! As you can see, we have you covered for St. Patrick's Day . Link here to view our St. Patrick's Day selection this year! 

Valentine's Day Best Sellers ~ Monday Morning Flowers

Happy February! Can you believe it February 8th already? It's that time of year again and being the Valentine's Day Holiday is just a few days away, I now know what our best sellers are so far so here we go!! #3 Best Seller: Modern Thoughts This one is a surprise because it's not the traditional red roses but truthfully, this arrangement is gorgeous in person. Lavender roses, tulips, hydrangea and orchids in a modern compact cylinder design with looping lily grasses.  #2 Best Seller:   Be My Love This arrangement brings us back to tradition with white lilies, red roses and daisies. Priced at $60 it sends a bit of romance with a fun and flirty flair.  #1 Best Seller:    Classic Red Roses As it is almost every year, the Classic Red Rose Design is our best seller. Our roses this year will be Freedom roses accented with elegant foliage and sweet smelling baby blue eucalyptus. Did you know that we do not raise our prices during holidays? Well it's

A Weekend of Communion Parties!

Sadly we only have 2 cameras at the shop but we had 6 Communion Parties today! Below are balloons at Eno Terra. There is just something so sweet about Balloon Centerpieces , don't you think?  Next on the third floor of Tre Piani we had this lovely Communion for a little girl. Love the cube vases with the soft pastel and white Spring flowers.   Moving on to the 1st floor of Tre Piani here in the Princeton Forrestal Village, these mint julep cups were filled with brightly colored Spring Flowers . They even added a few balloon bouquets into the decor.   To see these and more of our event decorations, be sure to check out our website at  

Customers Sharing Pictures of their Flowers

Nothing makes us happier than when our customers send pictures of the flower they received. It's nice to see how folks live with flowers in their home. This yellow rose photos was post last week by a woman who received these beauties from her children for her anniversary ! A customer also shared a picture of her 2 week old alstroemeria she got from us for $5 Friday . Looks great right?  Our past bride Lisa loved the pale pink roses her hubby sent to her.   White roses from a groom to his lovely bride on their wedding day.