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Give the Carnations a Chance!

When I started working at Monday Morning Flowers, I was your typical “no carnations please” kind of gal.  Thinking back, I didn't even really have a reason to dislike them other than their commonality, which is really a blessing rather than a curse.  Here are some fun things about carnations to take into consideration before you ask to leave the “carns” out: 1. T he Ultimate “Long Lasting” Flower :   Often people specify for a “long-lasting” arrangement – of course!   Who wants a floral design to last one day?!   When I ask what kind of flowers they like, a popular answer is Hydrangea.   It’s beautiful, yes, but long-lasting, not so much.   Carnations on the other hand – will last for weeks sometimes.   Change their water and they are the sure to keep up beautifully for much longer than most flowers, including your average rose. 2. No Need to Break the Bank :   We sell carnations for only $1.99 per stem.   They are affordable, and with their size, you can fill out a