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January Birth Flower ~ the carnation

The carnation  is the  January birth flower . The carnation  is one of the most charming  flowers  known for its ruffled petals and wide array of colors. They have a delicate clove-like scent and are known for being very long lasting.  We often include these pretty flowers in some of our floral designs and especially love the more unique colors! These pretty centerpieces below are made more romantic with the use of the soft pink carnations.  Even our new Sapphire floral arrangement includes simple white carnations. Don't you love the contract with the blue vase? The next time you think to say no carnations, we hope you'll reconsider.  Do you know someone who was born in January? Perhaps they would love a floral arrangement made with pretty carnations!!

My Love of Flowers Started Young

I love this photo of my mother, brother & I. I always had red, white and blue themed parties because my birthday is so close to the fourth of July. I begged to be a normal girl and have a pink dress ~ lol. My m om always had a nosegay from the florist made for me on my special day. I remember how my mom would show it to me, all boxed up and wrapped in cellophane and smelling like heaven. She'd make room in the fridge to keep it fresh until picture time. I always felt like a Princess with my tiny nosegay. Such a small thing but made me so happy. I had the best mom ever! Are you creating memories like this with your little girl?  Do you remember the first time you received flowers? I'd love to hear your story!! 

Living With Flowers - Adding a Little Flower Power

Flower Power!  We all know that flowers are pretty but did you know that studies have shown that flowers are a very potent mood enhancer? Well, a study done by Rutgers University by Jeannette Haviland-Jones Professor of Psychology and her husband Terry McGuire, Professor of Genetics offer convincing evidence that flowers may be  potent mood elevators. I know my opinion might be suspect because I'm surrounded with beautiful flowers every day but it's fun knowing that the product that I petal, that provides my livelihood can be so powerful in making folks so happy ! Quoted from a Rutgers Blog called "Flower Power" this is what they found out during the study! "In the first of several double-blind studies performed in 2005, Haviland-Jones and her team presented participants with one of three gifts—a decorative candle, a fruit basket, and a floral bouquet—­supposedly as a thank-you for taking part in a study on mood. The delivery people were really out to

Peaches and Pinks

Light pink mini gerbers and two shades of roses (Peach Donna's and Light Pink Orlando) accented with simple white daisies and yellow crespedia balls. Fresh, simple and fun - don't you think? Imagine sending this combination to your mom for her birthday or to your grand mom in the hospital - guaranteed smile!

What's New? Plenty!

Who doesn't love chocolate? Well, all of us at the flower love sweets and these new chocolates are sure to be hit this holiday season in our gourmet and goodie baskets. People always love receiving gifts of foods and goodies. Add these vinegar and the gift flies off the "elegance" meter! Most of fruit and gourmet baskets are being sent for happy occasions but, of course, a food basket is always a thoughtful gift for sympathy. Have you seen our new cookie line? These cats and dogs are brand new and are so adorable. We also have many styles of flowers such as sunflowers and daisies. The grapes, bananas, apples and strawberries are so life like! Believe it or not we also have some in the shape of grapes, candy corn, leaves and pumpkins. Added to any food basket, they really bring a smile because they are not only funny but also taste good! Did you know that we always have pre-made arrangements ready to go in our coolers? Always fresh and always creative, they are perfect

Local Zinnia's at Our Shop!

Last Friday night we had the opportunity to drive over to the Mercer County Farmers Coop and what fun we had, so much in fact, we're going back tomorrow night. We were able to purchase fresh, local grown product such as these zinnias, sunflowers, cockscomb and even small pumpkins and Indian corn. We even purchased a case of fresh New Jersey peaches for our fruit and gourmet baskets! What made the night even more special was getting to meet the actual farmers who grew the products that we were purchasing. What nice people and are clearly devoted to their farms.It felt good to really put my money where my mouth is with regards to "buying local". Keep check back to see what comes into the shop all through the fall as I am told the mum plants are next!! Remember, shop local and support your local community. To see more of our local products become our fan at !!

Baskets Have Made a Come Back

I love arrangements made in pretty glass vases but I have to say that baskets appear to be making a come back recently. Just like this colorful mixture of flowers, the summer is a wonderful time to send flowers in a pretty wicker or natural grapevine basket. Perfect for a desk, kitchen island or even bedside, flowers in a basket make such a cute gift and would be much appreciated for just about any occasion.

Hallie's Bouquets

Hallie's Bouquets , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . It's hot and so are the flower colors this season. Last weekends wedding for Hallie was so much fun to create and this weekend we have lots of orange and hot pink tones going out of here again. The temperature is over 100 and what better way to compete with the blinding sun but infusing amazing color into your life? Can you imagine the look on someones face who receives a flower bouquet in these bright colors!! Did you know that flowers physically make people happy and color has a lot to do with? Well it does. Bring flowers into your life, bring some home and send them as gifts. As Martha says "It's a good thing"! To see more of our flower selection visit our website at !