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Sizing It Right To Fit Your Budget

Flowers + Size = Cost: Well, that is not really a true formula but with floral centerpieces it should be. Our customers are always surprised to find out that centerpieces placed high above the table cost more than low ones. It's really more about how many flowers it take and what is the correct proportion than it is anything else. Something that appears large directly down on a table will looks small and out of proportion if elevated on a grand pedestal or large vase. Whether you are planning a wedding , shower, or corporate event, the rule applies.  Take the centerpiece pictured below created just a few weekends ago. This piece included 10 premium sized  hydrangeas, 10 roses, 8 spray roses, 10 stock, 2 green hanging amaranthus along with lots of variegated pitta and ruscus foliage. In case you can't tell these centerpieces were quite and large and very dramatic. Keeping the flowers loose and airy helped us to make the most of the flowers use to create the size we want

Having a Back Up Plan

Outdoor wedding? Great but you have to have a back up plan. In the case of today's wedding for Nicole and Josh, we had just that. What I love about weddings is that you never know what to expect. Each one is different and the challenge is to make it all happen. Unfortunately, today it drizzled and rained and after a long night of down pours, the outdoor setting at the Hilton Gardens was not to be. Never fear, the flexible florist is here! What I love about flowers on the chairs and rose petals on the ground is no matter where the wedding is, it works. Now in the case of Nicole's wedding, we were to decorate (using quite a bit of flowers and fabric) her dream gazebo but with not a gazebo in site, we quickly put up our own archway (not shown in this photo) and proceeded to decorate that. It's not really what the bride wanted but it was the next best thing. All I can say is, if you are planning your wedding for outside, you gotta have a back up plan!! To see more of ou

Personalize It!

Well, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind at the shops. Between Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Flooding and Nuptials it's been a somewhat frantic time for us. It's always fun for us to style weddings because we not only get to be creative but our hands are on some of the most gorgeous flowers you'll ever see. We noticed a new trend with wedding designs and thought we share with you. Many of our brides this month have given us mementos to add to their bouquets. Case in point is the pretty broach below. We really loved how elegant this looked on Maritza's wedding bouquet this past Friday.  Bride Darlene was having her wedding at the Camden Aquarium last weekend and wanted to add a bit of sparkles to her bouquet. We found this rhinestone garland for her and did a slight spiral down her stems.    We guess you just might be getting the idea!! Bride Maggie gave us this gorgeous necklace for us to add to her bouquet. Isn't it stunning? It really popped against