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Sizing It Right To Fit Your Budget

Flowers + Size = Cost: Well, that is not really a true formula but with floral centerpieces it should be. Our customers are always surprised to find out that centerpieces placed high above the table cost more than low ones. It's really more about how many flowers it take and what is the correct proportion than it is anything else. Something that appears large directly down on a table will looks small and out of proportion if elevated on a grand pedestal or large vase. Whether you are planning a wedding, shower, or corporate event, the rule applies. 

Take the centerpiece pictured below created just a few weekends ago. This piece included 10 premium sized  hydrangeas, 10 roses, 8 spray roses, 10 stock, 2 green hanging amaranthus along with lots of variegated pitta and ruscus foliage. In case you can't tell these centerpieces were quite and large and very dramatic. Keeping the flowers loose and airy helped us to make the most of the flowers use to create the size we wanted while keeping the cost as low as possible. Situation on top of a 24" tall x 6" wide rental cylinder vase, this centerpiece was a show stopper and had the price tag to prove it. if you love flowers and want to create a WOW when your guests arrive, this is the way to do it!
Now take these centerpieces created below; each included 2 hydrangeas, 3 garden roses, 3 carnations, 3 tea roses, accents of curly willow and ivy trails in an oversize brandy snifter. Similar flowers but a completely different size and of course, a completely different price. In this case size matters and how many flowers it takes to create the size has a lot to do with cost, not to mention the flower used. Garden roses cost more than a tea rose. Colored hydrangea cost more than white hydrangea. Ivy costs more than ruscus foliage,  a sculpted glass vase cost more than a basic bowl and so you get the idea.  If you are looking for tasteful, understated and unique, this centerpiece speaks volumes in elegance. These cost about 25% of what the above piece cost. 
Looking to create drama without the cost of fresh flowers? Why not consider floating candles. Tall vases grouped together with a simple floating candle can transform any room with out the cost. Rental glassware is an amazing way to stretch your floral budget, especially in large spaces that require height and lighting.  In this case, you are relying on only 1 item that is a "one time use" element and that is the candle. All other elements can be used over and over. 
As an event designer, my customers look to me to advise and educate them and I spend many hours helping them understand what looks best and how to save money. Remember Flowers + Size = Cost ~ it may not be a real mathematical formula but in the floral design business is explains it all!  

Need help choosing a Wedding Florist: Click Here to read our blog post to help you and click Here for tips on how to Prepare for a Wedding Consultation. 

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