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Our Time at Harmony School

Well, if the smiles are any indication, the children at the Harmony School in Princeton Forrestal Village really enjoyed their Terrarium making class hosted by our Designers Alanna and Norman. Norman could not get over how well behaved the children were, how bright and what a wonderful job they did. Future florists perhaps?  Designer Normans shows them how it's done.   The children were just too adorable for words.   And they were very proud of their creations! Not only did they learn about plants but they get to take them home. All in all, it was a wonderful day! A special thanks to the Harmony School for inviting us to come into their facility!   Would you like us to come out to your school or senior center? We'd love to! For more information contact us at 609.520.2005 and we'll be happy to talk about our many programs . 

Floral Design for Summer - Our Latest Class

We had a lot of fun at our latest Floral Design Class so I was inspired to make a quickie video. Enjoy! Maybe you'll join us soon at a future class? 

Our Classes Can Now Be Purchased Online

We are so happy to announce that we have now added to our website a category including all our Upcoming Classes and Demonstrations. Not only does it provide you with the information ~ date, time & cost of each class, you can now reserve your space and pay directly online.  Our next class is our Scarf tying class on January 16th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Wine, snacks and a scarf of your own are included in the $20 price.  On January 22 ~ Wedding Planner Jasmine Cianflone from This Moments Events will be discussing "Diy? Oh no you don't! 5 things you should NEVER DIY". At this discussion , enjoy light snacks and champagne while you have all you questions answered. Only $15 per person, so this is a great event to bring a friend or a bridesmaid to!     Be sure to check back to this new Category often to learn about all our hands on Floral Design Classes, Ladies Events and more! 

Making Boxwood Trees in Princeton for the Holidays

Last week we held another fun class at our Princeton shop and Designer Norman, Shop Coordinator Sheryl and 7 amazing ladies had fun learning to make boxwood trees. As with all our classes, the night started with laughter, wine and yummy cheese from Tre Piani Restaurant, located next to us here in Princeton Forrestal Village. After a half hour and full bellies, the ladies move over into the design area to begin their lesson!  Below Norman works one on with Melissa (who works at the Windrows just up from our shop). As time goes on the trees begin to take shape!  Jean, Melissa and Jan all work on forming their trees. Next step is to decorate them!     Fast friends through our classes, Jean and Martha pose for a photo during the class.  Well ladies, you must all be very proud of your creations. After the class ended at 8 pm, the ladies moved back into the shop and enjoyed savings of 25% off everything in the shop! Each left with a goody bag with cookies, a Yankee candle and