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Orchid Plants and How to Care for Them!

How many times have I heard - "I had an orchid plant once and I killed it"! Well, I can tell you I've heard it more times than I can count. What I tell people is that no, you did not kill it, it bloomed, it ran it's natural course and while you thought it was dead and threw it away, it was actually alive, looking for nourishment, ready to burst forth and bloom again! This blog is designed to make you feel better so that you know you didn't really kill them, they were just sleeping. Thank you so our employee Melissa for writing this blog! Her background in horticulture made her a natural. And my shameless plug is please remember that we sell gorgeous orchid plants and that they make wonderful gifts.  Take it away Melissa!! Did you know that there are over 30,000 of regular species and when you throw in hybrids it comes to over 140,000 worldwide, with more species being discovered and created each day? The most popular orchids that are grown in most homes are P