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To Coral or Not to Coral ~ that is the color question

No color has been more confusing to me over the years than coral. Described as a redish or pinkish shade of orange (gee, that's helpful) it remains a very popular color choice for wedding designs. No matter what you call it, this pretty "shade" has been in heavy use this wedding season and I've met with couples for 2016 who are also asking about this pretty color theme. Take the wedding flowers above created for a wedding this weekend. Amsterdam Roses, Bismark Gerbera, Brilliant Coral Spray rose and peach/coral hypericum berries combine to create one striking combination, don't you think? Would you consider this color theme for your wedding ?

Coral and Peach Wedding for late September

This past weekend was a whirl wind of party activity include 4 weddings but I have to admit that my favorite color theme of the weekend was this peach and coral themed wedding for Bride Kristen. Using green  hydrangeas, peach berries and garden roses, coral Amsterdam roses and accents of navy blue Viburnum berries really made for striking bouquets. The girls dresses were navy so I'm hoping that Kristen shares photos because I can only imagine how these looked when the brides maids carried them.   Not only is the color amazing but the texture was awesome on these bouquets also. We were not sure until the last minute that we could get the viburnum berries and had a back up plan of deep blue delphinium, just in case. The berries were so different than what we usually do that it was a nice change for us as well. By the time the wedding went from bouquets to centerpieces , the centerpieces were much more muted at the brides request with three different styles of centerpieces in

Matching the Wedding Dresses

It's always fun creating wedding bouquets but it can be even more fun when we are challenged with a harder color theme, such as the coral of these brides maids dresses for our bride Gemma. Using shades of soft pink, white and coral, I think we did a wonderful job of giving both texture and wonderful shading. I especially loved the bridal bouquet which consisted of Bismark (coral), white and pale pink gerbers along with Amsterdam Roses (coral), Hot Orlando roses (hot pink) and Escimo Roses (white) with touches of pink waxflowers. I'm always telling brides that swatches and photos of the dresses are so important during the planning stages and this photo proves it!!