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Beware of Not Budgeting for Your Wedding

Wow, that sounds so ominous but truly, most couples that I meet have not given enough thought to how much they can spend on their wedding flowers. When you began your wedding planning , did you set an overall wedding budget for all elements needed for the day? If not, that could be a problem down the line. I won't tackle that in this blog because I'm not a wedding planner but this statement comes from years of seeing families struggle to come up with the money to have the wedding they envision. If you don't have a working budget in the beginning and don't allocate dollars for each item needed, you are definitely going to exceed what you can afford. Here's a great worksheet that shows you most, if not all of the elements needed in a wedding. Easy Budget Wedding Spreadsheet ~  I'm surprised how often couples tell me they are already over budget and did include a line item for flowers! That's like going into a car dealer and saying I have no money t