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"Keep on Doing What You are Doing....

But only if it's working for you"... I love that saying, keep on doing what you are doing, but only if it's working well for you. How many people have you met over the years that just seem to have the same things happen to them over and over again? Is it just Karma? Is it fate? Or can it be that they too are stuck on a path that creates a certain outcome, over and over again? Years ago I had a friend that was always in dire straights and it was one thing after the next. Sometimes it was money related, sometimes it was boyfriend related, other times it was family related. After awhile, I could see her actions and I knew what the outcome would be. I could predict what would happen and most of the time it was like a slow motion train wreck. I was like the flag man yelling " don't do that!! Go back!! Go this way! Speed Up, Slow down" whatever was the opposite direction of what she always did, which usually caused something "bad" to happen. Something sh

Make Fear Your Friend - The Countdown to Christmas

Earlier today, home from work at a reasonable hour, I decided it would be nice to take a hot bath. The next few days leading up to Christmas will be long and crazy working at the flower shops so relaxing for an hour, soaking in a tub, soothing my tired feet, sounded like heaven. As my husband prepared to relax and watch some football, I mentioned my idea to take a bath and catch up on some magazines, including the latest issue of Fortune Small Business. He was quick to say, "make sure you read something fun" as I peddled off upstairs. I laughed to myself at his comment because to me reading Small Business Fortune is relaxing compared to the Floral Management, Retail Florist, Florist Review, Flowers& and Floral Finance magazines that I read monthly. Compared to how work related those are, Small Business is as down right non-work related as it can get. Anyway, I had been wanting to read the cover story in the December/January issue titled "Make Fear Your Friend&quo