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Thank Our Assistants

When you really think about it, we all have Assistants in our lives. They might not have the title of Professional Administrative Assistant but there are those people, both at work and at home, that help to make our lives easier. It might be a simple as someone who you can assign duties to at work, or who makes dinner for you at home but we all have those people that sometimes go unappreciated. What would be do without them? I don't even want to think about it! So, as a florist, knowing that this week is Professional Administrative Assistants Week or Secretary's Week, whatever you want to call it, it makes me think that we should all take a few minutes to thank the people in our lives.

Networking, Does It Work?

Twenty years ago, when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together and I was trying to market myself and my business, networking was there to the rescue. I would meet people who needed what I had to offer and offered me what I needed. All these years later I still call these people customers, vendors and friends. How wonderful is that? To this day, networking is an important part of my business life. A few business cards and a chance to mingle with other business people still goes a long way. The last networking meeting that my staff and I attended resulted in a sale of over $1,000.00. True story and what a return!! How can you beat that. To that end, I’m helping to coordinate a Networking and Business Card Event on April 17th at the Yardley Country Club, hosted by the Yardley Business Association. The folks on the board wonder why I’m so passionate about networking but I’m a true believer. So if you happen to be available on that night and are going to be anywhere near Yardley, PA con